A Ductless System Maintenance Checklist

A ductless cooling and heating system represents an important investment in the value of a home. No other system surpasses the ease of installation, the quiet comfort or the affordability of a ductless system. Although ductless systems are relatively easy to maintain, here are some guidelines that will help you keep your investment working for you year after year.

Practice Routine Checks

As with any household system, it helps to do routine inspections. It’s always a good idea to make sure the unit is working at full capacity prior to high use needs. A change in season, when temperatures warm up or cool down, is the best time to do the inspections. If there is a need for service, you will want to have that done before the weather changes!

Keep It Clean

Every household appliance works better when regularly cleaned and maintained. With a ductless system, the task is easier than ever.

For your outdoor unit, keep it free of any debris or vegetation. Any build-up of debris can restrict airflow, causing a decrease in the efficiency of the unit. Keep the outdoor unit clear of leaves and fir needles; and do not store objects on top of the unit. Keep ample space around the outdoor unit for unrestricted air flow. About two feet of clearance around the unit is adequate.

Additionally, check and clean the air filters of the indoor fan coil every two months, or monthly if you have pets. Cleaning the filters often can help allergy sufferers as well.

If you’re using a hand-held remote for temperature control, you may need to change the batteries from time to time.

When to Get Professional Assistance

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, it is fine to gently clean the outdoor unit with a garden hose. Do not attempt to use any high-pressure air or water. Always remember that the unit is an electrical appliance and do not attempt to take the unit apart.

Of course, the best way to protect your system is to have a professional deep clean of the entire system every three to four years, depending on your household’s unique needs. During the deep clean process, the technician should also conduct a performance checkup and schedule any necessary service.

For additional peace of mind, ask your ductless contractor if they offer maintenance agreements. An agreement guarantees that your system will be checked annually or biannually and cleaned regularly. Usually, a maintenance agreement has different payment options, depending on your needs. Ask Alpine Ductless about their new maintenance agreement.

By regularly inspecting and cleaning your system, you can be assured that your investment will be protected. And, you will avoid the expense of servicing a system due to improper maintenance. If you have professional service or cleaning done, make sure the company is reputable and has experience with ductless systems.

Alpine Ductless is a company you can trust to maintain your ductless system. Since 2012, we’ve installed over 2,300 systems in the South Puget Sound area. For all your heating and cooling needs, contact Alpine Ductless.

For more valuable articles on the benefits of going Ductless visit our Ultimate Guide to Ductless Heating and Cooling in the Pacific Northwest.

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Helping Homeowners in Our Community

Helping Homeowners in Our Community

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