Ductless Mini Split Heating and Air Conditioner Installations

Ductless mini-split installation services

Installing your ductless heating and cooling system (also called a ductless heat pump, or mini-split) starts with an on-site estimate in your home or business. Once you decide that a ductless mini-split heat pump is right for you, we’ll take the time to make sure you understand everything you need to know about your new system.

Easy Mini-Split Installation.

Where Are Ductless Mini-splits Installed?

Your indoor units can go wherever you need cool air whether it is main areas of the home, or special rooms or home extensions without ducts. You can keep your current duct system and use your ductless installation in areas that are not currently air conditioned.

 You can also use your ductless AC to help supplement your existing HVAC system in rooms that tend to heat up more than the rest of the home. This might include south-facing rooms, second floor or attic rooms, or even if you have outbuildings on your property such as a garage, office or a separate mini-split for your shed. Your ductless AC is ideal for:

  • Whole-home solutions
  • Home additions
  • Unheated garage apartments
  • Rooms with uneven temperatures
  • Sunrooms
  • Garage man caves
  • Homes without existing ductwork

It is also the perfect solution for larger homes where only a small portion of the home is used daily, or for empty nesters who have additional spare bedrooms once their kids leave.

Our Mini-Split Installation Process

Working with a professional ductless installer should be seamless from beginning to end. Learn more about our turnkey process.

ductless mini spli ac installation
Initial Consultation Appointment

Our consultant will meet with you and determine your needs and budget, then design a system for you. Once you’ve accepted your estimate, and we’ve secured a down payment, we will schedule your ductless mini-split installation on a date that works best for you, and procure the products. We’ll take care of all the details prior to your installation day.

Day of Ductless Mini-Split Installation

On the day of your installation, our certified installers will arrive at your home and begin. The total ductless installation process typically takes 4-6 hours. At Alpine Ductless, respecting your home and time is a top priority.

After the system is installed, our knowledgeable technicians will teach you how to clean your filters, and do light preventive maintenance. They will also discuss our Peace of Mind preventive maintenance programs with you should the convenience of a service better meet your needs. We then clean up and leave you to enjoy a new level of comfort. But don’t hesitate to call us with any questions. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

mini split air conditioner installation
After the Ductless Mini-Split Installation

Once the installation is complete, our service does not stop. We will schedule an appointment for the required electrical and mechanical inspections. For your convenience, we schedule the appointments for you, then send you the date along with the contact information of the inspecting entity should you need to reschedule your appointment. Each municipality has their own inspection procedure, so we cannot schedule appointment times, only appointment dates.

In some situations, the customer may need to file and collect their own rebates. In that case, we provide everything necessary so that the process can be as seamless as possible.
Alpine Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning offers a turn-key experience for your system installation. We pride ourselves on our great customer service during all phases of the installation process, and long after. 

Benefits of installing ductless mini-splits 

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

This tops the list because it allows you to have air conditioning in rooms where traditional systems are either inefficient or simply can’t reach due to a lack of ducts. As a result, you can have energy-efficient air conditioning anywhere without the need for cumbersome, energy-draining window units.

mini split heating and cooling

Energy Efficiency

With the expense of utility costs, ductless air conditioner installation is your energy-efficient solution. It is worth the investment to install a new ductless AC system because you will see significant cost savings over time through your energy bill. Ductless systems use far less power than traditional air conditioning right out of the gate. However, they become even more efficient because of the zoning setup of the system. You have complete control over the temperature in every individual room so you can turn off the AC in rooms that aren’t in use. You can also select to install units only in the rooms that tend to get warmer to save money. The ductless system also adheres to the EPA’s Energy Star guidelines so you can feel good about using AC because it helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Improved Air Quality

Improved Air Quality

Ducts for central air conditioning contain a buildup of debris that can really interfere with your home’s indoor air quality. Dust, mold, pet dander, and other airborne allergens contaminate the air, leading to worsening allergy and asthma symptoms and increasing risk for getting sick from viruses. With a ductless mini-split air conditioning system you benefit from multi-stage filtration to reduce air contaminants. You don’t need to worry about the cost of annual duct cleanings and can easily access your indoor units to keep them dust-free.

mini split installation


Ductless units are quite small and take up very little room both inside and out. You can also choose the configuration that suits your needs, so your ductless air conditioner installation has very little visual or spatial impact in your home. The shallow indoor air handling units are easy to mount on the wall or ceiling, taking up no more than seven inches.

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Overall Cost Savings

Although you might be worried ductless mini-split air conditioning is more expensive because of all the indoor units, there is no need. Because they are easier to install and there are a number of rebates available in the state of Washington, you can pay less for mini-split installation in terms of labor fees. They are also less expensive to maintain compared to your standard central air conditioning system which also saves you money. Add this to your energy savings, and you’ll find your ductless air conditioner provides an excellent ROI.

ductless heating and cooling systems

Washington State Rebates

Your new ductless AC is eligible for rebates from your local utility company. Washington state recognizes ductless heat pumps as a highly efficient heating and cooling system, supporting their initiatives to make energy-saving a priority. As a result, local utility companies offer large rebates for new ductless system installations. This adds even more cost savings to your initial investment. To save you time and money, Alpine Ductless, local ductless ac installers, finds the best possible rebate for you and applies the deduction directly to your sales order. We then manage the entire rebate process for you so you don’t have to worry.

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Your indoor units are easy to adjust with remote control. You can adjust temperatures based on room use, set the fan to auto, turn temperatures up or down, or turn the unit off completely if no one is in the room.

Your ductless mini-split air conditioning system provides energy savings, cost savings, comfort and improved air quality making it the ideal choice for your cooling solution.

Are You A Homeowner

Are you a Homeowner

Read our recent article about mini-spit installation DIY before installing a ductless cooling and heating system on your own!

Need Help After Your Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Is Installed?

Need Help After your Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump is Installed?

After your mini-split ac installation is complete, Alpine is here to assist with maintenance and repairs!
Learn more here!

mini split ac installation in washington by alpine ductless

Working With Alpine Ductless:
What's Included In the Mini-Split Installation?

To help you find the right heating and cooling system for your needs and ensure you get the most from your investment we follow a step-by-step Customer First, Customer Always process: Learn More

To help you find the right heating and cooling system for your needs and ensure you get the most from your investment we follow a step-by-step Customer First, Customer Always process: Learn More

Alpine Ductless is a Certified Master Installer with the Northwest Ductless Project

Our mini-split ac installers are:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • EPA Certified
  • Licensed Electricians
mini split air conditioner installation

Questions? Contact us now and we'll get right back to you.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Installation Testimonial

ductless heating

We want to express our thanks and appreciation to Alpine Ductless for the flawless installation of our multi-zone Mitsubishi heating and cooling system. We were very impressed with the sales consultant’s presentation. He was very knowledgeable and spent at least two hours explaining how the system works the benefits of the system, the efficiencies, the quietness and the cost benefits. Once we did a review of the options and I understood how the system would be installed, I made a suggestion where the outside unit could be placed to lessen the amount of line sets. He listened and put the plan into action. The proposal was clear and included everything for us to make an informed choice.

The install was exceptional. The installers were on time, friendly, accommodating, and checked with us if they had a better idea on line set placement and if that was OK with us. They kept us informed about the progress as they moved from room to room. They gave us a walk-through at the end and made sure we knew how to take care of the system inside and out before they left. I appreciated that they left no sign that they had drilled holes in the house. The installer vacuumed everything even better than I would have. 

And not to forget the two ladies in the office. I talked to them a couple of times and they were very nice and understanding. There was another person who answered the phone and I did not catch her name but she was very professional and had a sense of humor. All in all, we love, love, love our new heating and cooling system. We noticed right away how much cleaner and fresher the air throughout the whole house had become. There are no hot or cool spots. It is so quiet and comfortable I have already recommended the system and Alpine Ductless to a couple of our neighbors. Thanks to all of you for doing an outstanding installation inside and out of our home to improve our overall comfort for years to come. 

Many thanks.

Merry and Doug A.


Frequently Asked Questions About Ductless
Mini-Split AC Installation Near Me

Is it easy to install a ductless mini-split system on my own?

Although there are countless articles and how-to videos online, installing a mini split ductless heating and cooling system is a comprehensive task. If you’re an at-home DIYer hoping to purchase and completely install a mini-split ductless system for your home, the money you might save installing the system by yourself could quickly be gone when a costly emergency repair is needed due to faulty installation.

Before you start installing a new ductless heating and cooling system, make sure that you’re aware of the risks involved with major DIY projects and installations. A professional has the tools, knowledge, and expertise needed to make the ductless heating and cooling installation smooth and successful.

Do ductless indoor units take up a lot of space? 

Ductless indoor units can be mounted in a lot of different places: on the wall, near the floor, along a ceiling cassette, or in other locations. They have a very narrow profile, so they won’t interfere with your furniture layout.

Are ductless mini-splits a good idea?

Ductless mini-splits are a good investment for homeowners or business owners. They provide comfortable heating and cooling, while also saving homeowners on monthly utility bills through their energy efficiency. Ductless units also provide cleaner air, as they are designed with a built-in air-filter. 

Is a ductless mini-split worth the cost?

The longevity and energy savings make ductless mini-splits worth the investment. 

The average cost of installing a ductless system with a single indoor heating/cooling zone is between $6,000 and $7,000 - including the equipment, parts, expert installation services, and associated electrical work and permits. This cost is similar to the total estimate of installing baseboard heating systems, and though both systems provide zoned heating in your apartment or home, the similarities between the two end there.

Customers that install a new ductless system see a major reduction in their heating costs throughout the year, often saving 25%–50% or more on monthly heating bills during the cold winter months. Ductless systems also provide cooling during the summer, making them an incredibly versatile choice for PNW homes. When maintained, your new ductless system can last up to 20 years or more.

Will there be any inspections to ensure the installation is safe?

Yes. Safety and compliance is a major step in our installation process. Once a ductless installation is complete, there will be two inspections by the municipality that issued the permit to verify the ductless mini-split is up to code. The inspections will take place within 30 days of installation for mechanical, and within 10 days if electrical.

The inspectors will be on-site to determine:

  •  That the mini-split is properly labeled, located, and mounted, and that the connections are as how they were previously approved.
  • If programmable thermostats and controls are installed per approved construction document.
  • Batt insulation is cut neatly to fit around wiring in exterior walls, or insulation already there extends behind piping or wiring.
  • If foundations and supports for the outdoor unit meet manufacturer installation specifics.
  • That condensate pumps meet the approved construction documents and manufacturer instructions.
  • Condensate disposal, auxiliary and drain systems, water-level monitoring devices, and drain pipe material and sizes meet approved construction documents and manufacturer installation instructions.
  • That refrigerant piping is properly insulated and meets the approved R-value.
  • Outdoor refrigerant circuit access ports are covered with a locking-type, tamper-resistant cap or are secured to prevent access. 

(Source: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy)

Are there any rebates or incentives available for ductless mini-split installations?

Washington state recognizes ductless heat pumps as a highly efficient, green-energy heating and cooling choice. And, to help make energy-saving a priority, most local utility companies offer large rebates to customers who replace their inefficient heating systems with a new ductless system.

At Alpine Ductless, we understand how time-consuming finding and applying for an energy rebate can be. To save you time and money, we find the best possible rebate for you and apply the deduction directly to your sales order. We then manage the entire rebate process for you.*

*Please note that not all utilities have the same requirements. In the event that we are unable to file the rebate for you, we will provide all the necessary paperwork to make the process as easy as possible.

What maintenance is required for a ductless mini-split system?

Ductless mini-split maintenance is easy to do compared to other types of heating and cooling systems. Once a month, you should clean your dirty air filter. 

We also recommend getting a deep clean of your system about every two years to keep your units free of buildup that might interfere with efficiency. And every one of our deep cleaning appointments includes a free 14-point inspection of each unit to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape.

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