3 Myths About Ductless Systems That Simply Aren’t True

Technology can be complicated. Choosing the best heating and cooling system for your home requires homeowners to do some research about the basic technology behind the many options now available to them. Ductless heat pumps are an excellent choice for heating and cooling, but there is some misinformation about them that we’d like to clear up.

Myth #1 – Ductless Systems do not filter the air like a Central System

Some homeowners may be concerned that ductless systems have no filtering abilities and that air quality may be compromised. In fact, the opposite is true! With traditional duct work, contaminated, or dirty air may be circulated throughout the home. With ductless, each unit has its own filtering system.

Filters in traditional central heating and cooling systems need to be replaced frequently. But the filters in a ductless system are designed to last and are easy to clean by simply running water over them. With regular filter cleaning, easily done by the homeowner, air quality can actually be better in a ductless house!  

Myth #2 – Only Newer Homes Can Have a Ductless System

This myth is particularly head-scratching because it has no basis in truth. In fact, ductless systems are perfect for remodels or additions because you don’t need to install any duct work.  A ductless system may be installed in any room, at any time. This makes them especially suitable for heating and cooling areas that central systems have trouble reaching. In homes that have no ductwork to begin with, such as those with baseboards or small wall heaters, a ductless system is the perfect solution.

You may also choose to use the duct work of an existing system with a special ‘ducted’ unit to enjoy a highly efficient system built off a traditional one. This is an option if you want to enjoy the energy efficient technology of ductless and distribute comfortable temperatures throughout the house using one central location.

Myth #3 – Ductless Systems Are Noisy

Compared to other heating and cooling solutions, this simply isn’t correct. The traditional window A/C unit (referred to by many as a ‘window rattler’) is extremely noisy because all of the parts, including the motor, fan, and coolant, are kept in one single unit that’s right in the room with you!

And, a traditional central system needs to run at full capacity to deliver the required heating and cooling to your home.The powerful fan and motor of the compressor can be heard ‘kicking in’ and shutting off and can be extremely noisy.

Because they are so energy efficient, ductless systems, consistently run at 30 percent capacity. They do not need to blast on at full capacity and, therefore, are much quieter than other systems. The sound produced by the indoor fan coil is about the same as that of a normal conversation. With a ductless system, you may have to be reminded that it’s there! Want more information? Contact Alpine Ductless today!

Learn more facts and benefits in our Ultimate Guide to Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems in the Pacific Northwest.

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