How to Maximize Comfort and Savings with Your Ductless Mini-Split

If you have a ductless mini-split heat pump system, you have one of the most efficient heating and cooling solutions available. They work exceptionally well at keeping you comfortable throughout the year in the Pacific Northwest. Here are tips to help you maximize comfort and savings even more.

Most Efficient Way To Run a Mini-Split 

To run your mini-split in the most effective way, it is important to know how to optimally operate and maintain your system based on your needs. Your heating contractor should ask if you are purchasing your mini-split as a primary source of heat or a sole source of heat. If your mini-split ductless is your sole source of heat, you can enjoy the comfort and efficiency of your system with no adjustments! If you expect to use another source to supplement heat at low ambient temperatures, just set the thermostat on your secondary source of heat 2-3 degrees lower than your mini-split heat pump. That allows you to use your ductless system for most of your heating needs and your more expensive heating method only when necessary.

Adjust for Temperature Sensors

Mini-splits have temperature sensors located higher up where the air tends to be warmer. As a result, the room reads warmer than the temperature you might be feeling in the room. To feel more comfortable, keep those sensors in mind and bump up the temperature setting on the remote a bit. You can get the feel for the right level and also avoid the urge to keep turning on your more expensive back-up heating system.

Set It and Forget It

Your mini-split tends to operate more efficiently when you set it and forget it. To make this work for you, find the temperature that tends to feel comfortable and then set the system to AUTO. Direct warm air towards the floor so your mini-split variable-speed fan automatically adjusts to maintain a consistent temperature. Unlike traditional heating where you make adjustments when you leave the house or go to sleep, your mini-split is far better at using its AUTO fan setting to get better energy efficiency. However, if you have rooms used less often, you can also save by either turning these mini-split units off or shutting the doors so the mini-split doesn’t have to heat those spaces.

Remove Snow

If there’s a major storm, be sure to go out and check the unit to see if it needs to be brushed off. Our team ensures we install the compressor so it can work efficiently even when it snows.

Maintain Your Indoor Units

Because your system depends on airflow, you need to take time to clean the filters on your indoor units monthly. Many systems actually tell you when they need cleaning with an indicator light. So it’s not just about clearing the outdoor unit but also making sure your indoor units can function at peak performance as well.

Professional Maintenance

While you can keep an eye on your indoor and outdoor units, always have professional maintenance at least once a year to keep airflow ideal.

Schedule routine maintenance with our team today.

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