Why We’re A Daikin Ductless Contractor

At Alpine Ductless, we only install the best, most long-lasting, energy-efficient ductless mini-split systems. We want to provide comfortable, sustainable heating and cooling solutions that are worth your investment. That’s why we’re proud to install Mitsubishi and Daikin ductless heating and cooling systems in northwest Washington. Daikin has proven itself time and time again to provide quality, technologically advanced ductless systems. Here’s why we are proud to be a Daikin ductless contractor.

Why Daikin?

Daikin has a long-standing reputation for being on the forefront of innovation and system longevity. Their commitment to producing high-quality systems is one of the reasons we recommend Daikin systems to our homeowners and business owners. Their systems are always beautifully designed and also energy-efficient. 

Daikin’s Best Ductless Units

Daikin’s most popular ductless heating and cooling units include the Aurora, Emura, VRV Series, and the ATMOSPHERA.

  • Daikin Aurora: Capable of operating at temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit, this unit is the best option for those in locations that experience extreme temperatures. Experience luxury with Comfort Mode, a feature that positions the unit’s airflow. Need a boost? Enable Power Mode for a 20-minute enhancement of cool or warm air. Learn more about the Daikin Aurora here.
  • Daikin Emura: If smart technology and sleek design appeals to you, the Emura multi-zone unit is an excellent match. The 3D Airflow feature allows the unit to alter the direction of its air flow, resulting in a targeted flow and achievement of desired temperature at a faster rate. The Two-Area Intelligence Eye feature monitors the room for activity and position, then adjusts airflow accordingly. If that isn’t enough in the way of convenience, the unit can be monitored anytime, even from across the globe, via the Daikin Comfort Control App. Learn more about the Daikin Emura here.
  • Daikin VRV Series: With its space-saving design, this unit is best suited for residential properties. Able to condition up to 10 zones from a single outdoor unit and suitable for virtually any floor plan, this series is Daikin’s most versatile unit. The lightweight design means no floor installation required – rooms are functional immediately upon installation. Learn more about the Daikin VRV Series here.
  • Daikin ATMOSPHERA: This single-zone unit is best suited for spot cooling and heating needs. ATMOSPHERA is often used in primary living spaces and rooms with minimal air flow, or to supplement outdated heating systems. Additionally, the lower Global Warming Potential of this unit majorly reduces refrigerant emissions.

Cost & Rebates for Installing a Daikin Ductless System

The installation cost of a single-zone ductless system ranges between $6,000-$7,000. Costs are dependent on the selected unit, but the cost of Daikin ductless systems is comparable to other high-quality brands of the same size.

Don’t let the cost stop you from getting ductless in your home or business. Daikin offers significant manufacturing rebates, in addition to local utility company rebates. So although the upfront cost to install ductless seems like a lot, you can save quite a bit through rebates. And, keep in mind we will manage the entire rebate process for you. 

5 Reasons to Get a Daikin Mini-Split

Switching to a Daikin ductless heating and cooling system for your home or business is a great way to get energy savings and comfort year-round. Daikin ductless mini-splits are known for their: 


Thanks to their superior product design and technological abilities, Daikin ductless heating and cooling units can last upwards of 20 years with proper maintenance. 

Heating & Cooling Capabilities

Daikin produces ductless units for single-zone, multi-zone, or whole-home solutions for anything from add-ons to heating and cooling the entire property. Some units maintain efficiency at temperatures down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit and over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Low Energy Usage Costs

Daikin’s systems use unique inverter technology that ensures the system doesn’t shut off entirely when not in use. Because of that, it greatly diminishes the energy usage on startup. In addition, its low-energy-usage leads to a major reduction in heating and cooling costs throughout the year. First-time ductless users often report saving 25-50% on their monthly heating bill during the winter compared to traditional HVAC systems. 


Daikin has full confidence in its ductless heating and cooling units, and provides an outstanding 12-year limited warranty.

Value for Money

The monthly utility savings as a result of a Daikin ductless system’s energy efficiency, the rebate and incentive opportunities, and the lengthy warranty period make these units a great value.

Installation From a Daikin Ductless Contractor Today

Daikin is a proven and trusted ductless manufacturer, and we’re proud to be a Daikin ductless contractor. If you’re ready to install a ductless heating and cooling system in your home, submit your information for a free estimate.

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