Daikin ATMOSPHERA: The first R-32 Single Zone ductless unit in North America

We’re thrilled to announce we just installed our first Daikin ATMOSPHERA (and possibly the first one in Washington state)! It’s the first R-32 Single Zone ductless unit in North America. Daikin is leading the industry by switching to a new type of refrigerant that’s better for the planet. That, among other new features geared towards efficiency and ease-of-use, makes this unit a game-changer in heating and cooling.

Refrigerant and Efficiency That’s Better for the Planet

R-32 is a type of refrigerant that is used around the world, but has not yet been introduced to the United States in a single zone ductless unit until now (To see the very first installation in North America, watch this video here). R-32 is the only pure, single-component to replace the current refrigerant standard. It has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than what’s currently on the market. Its composition isn’t blended like other refrigerants, so it maintains its composure over time. Because of that, it’s easy to top-off or clean and reuse on-site. It’s also easy to reclaim and reuse off-site. To see how we install and charge the unit, watch this video here.

Mini-splits are already extremely efficient in comparison to other heating and cooling system options. And, this new Daikin ATMOSPHERA is even more efficient than ever before. Its properties allow it to be up to 12% higher SEER and 18% higher HSPF than the Daikin LV Series. As a result, it has higher efficiencies and lower emissions. It’s better for your home and better for our planet.

New, High-Tech Features of the Daikin ATMOSPHERA

Not only does the Daikin ATMOSPHERA offer increased efficiency and less emissions, but also new high-tech features for increased comfort. In addition to Daikin’s advanced features such as Econo mode, 3D airflow, comfort mode, and an intelligent eye, the Daikin ATMOSPHERA has:

  • Hybrid Cooling: Dehumidifies efficiently even in low cooling loads, and maintains dehumidification effect after reaching the target temperature.
  • CLEAN Operation: The CLEAN function dries the interior of the indoor unit to reduce the amount of condensation present. When performing COOL or DRY operation, condensation may occur inside the air conditioner.
  • Higher Factory Charge and piping allowances: Daikin ATMOSPHERA is pre-charged to serve piping lengths up to 49 ft. (15m), a 50% increase in pre-charge coverage compared to previous models.

These features, and the unit’s ability to provide continuous operation as low as -13°F WB (-25°C WB) ambient temperature and up to 100% rated cooling capacity at 115°F (46°C), provide a new option perfect for northwest Washington homes.

Daikin ATMOSPHERA Installation in Washington State

We’re proud to be a certified Daikin ductless contractor so that we can install this new, game-changing unit in homes across the Thurston, Pierce, Mason, Lewis and South King county areas. To learn more about the Daikin ATMOSPHERA, visit Daikin’s site or give us a call.

Or, if you’re ready for an estimate, contact us here or call us at (360) 615-2803 to get a Daikin ATMOSPHERA installation in your home!

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