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As certified Daikin contractors, we'll help you identify the best ductless Daikin heat pump unit for your home, find any applicable rebates, and guide you through the installation process.

Daikin is constantly creating better energy efficiencies, control, and technology for its units.

We're proud to carry a wide range of ductless heat pump systems so that we can help you determine which leading-edge product and features are best for your home.

If you’re searching to upgrade your home’s heating and cooling system, a Daikin air conditioning unit may be what you need. See which of our most popular Daikin mini splits would be best for your home and get a free estimate today.

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See Our Most Popular Daikin Heat
Pump Units:

Daikin Aurora

daikin ac

Daikin Emura

alpine ductless daikin ac installer

Daikin VRV Series

daikin air conditioners

Perfect for extreme weather conditions, this inverter heat pump operates efficiently, as low as -13 deg. F.

Created to balance technology and aerodynamics, this Daikin multi-zone unit features both smart technology and a contemporary design.

Ideal for most residential projects, this space-saving, whole-house system offers versatility to condition up to ten zones from one outdoor unit.

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How does a Daikin mini split work?

A ductless heat pump works much like a refrigerator, using refrigerant to transfer heat energy. Switching from cooling to heating or cooling to heating is as easy as clicking a button.

Is it worth it to switch to a ductless heating and cooling unit?

People choose ductless heating and cooling units for their benefits and simplicity, such as increased comfort, improved air quality, and simple installation.

Increased Comfort

Ductless heat pumps provide endless warmth during the winter months and quiet cooling during the summer.

Improved Air Quality

Ductless units have a built-in air filter that, unlike hidden ducts, is easy to clean and is reusable.

Simple Installation

Alpine Ductless' installation process is quick and seamless - a basic install can take as little as 4 hours.

Energy Efficiency

Ductless heating and cooling systems are designed to save energy. Users often see up to a 50% reduction in their heating bill.

Are there discounts or rebates available?

Utilities in the state of Washington recognize ductless heating systems as a highly energy-efficient heating and cooling choice. If you replace your inefficient heating system, you may qualify for a significant rebate from your local utility company. Our rebate specialists can help you find a rebate in your area. For most utilities, we can also process the rebate on your behalf and deduct the rebate amount from your invoice.