4 Reasons to Consider a Ductless Heat Pump

As homeowners and business owners in the Pacific Northwest, we’re always looking for ways to improve efficiency, protect the environment, save money, and stay comfortable. When it comes to heating and cooling systems, there’s one in particular that checks all the boxes: ductless mini-splits. Here are four reasons to consider a ductless heat pump in your Pacific Northwest home or business. 

1) Ductless Heat Pumps Are Eco-Friendly

The ductless heat pump is the most eco-friendly heating and cooling option for homeowners and business owners in the Pacific Northwest. Most importantly, a mini-split is extremely energy efficient, is powered by electricity, and uses a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant. In addition, rather than relying on ductwork to facilitate air movement (which is a common place for leaks), a mini-split system has an outdoor compressor and a single ductless indoor unit designated for each zone. The system is capable of both heating and cooling anywhere from one room to an entire house. 

2) You Will Save Money

Ductless mini-split heat pumps are extremely efficient. In fact, most homeowners and business owners that install a new ductless system see a major reduction in their heating costs throughout the year, often saving 25%–50% or more on monthly heating bills during the cold winter months. The systems also provide cooling during the summer, making them an incredibly versatile choice for Pacific Northwest homes. 

Although the average cost of installing a ductless system in the home is significant, most Washington utility companies offer impressive rebates for homeowners replacing inefficient heating systems with more efficient systems. In most cases, depending on the municipality, rebates are available and offered up front as instant savings. For example, if you own a manufactured or mobile home, you can receive rebates of up to $3,000 when you install a new ductless heat pump (for qualified systems).

3) Installation is a Breeze With the Right Ductless Pros

The installation of a new ductless heating and cooling system is just as important as the unit you choose. Working with insured, seasoned, and certified professionals will ensure the safety and integrity of the investment. It will also ensure you have the right capacity system for your home or business’ specific needs. 

The installation process is typically less invasive than with other temperature controlling systems, and it usually lasts a total of about 4-6 hours. After the installation is complete, the ductless professional will schedule an appointment for any required electrical and mechanical inspections. Read more about Alpine Ductless’ installation process here. 

4) You Will Increase Your Comfort

Hot and cold spots and thermostat wars are two of the major reasons people install mini-splits. With traditional heating systems, we’re used to the system kicking on to warm the space. However, once it reaches the correct temperature in the room with the thermostat, it turns off, and the space gets cold again (and vice versa). In the process, many outlying rooms in the home never reach the correct temperature and are prone to containing hot and cold spots. 

Ductless heat pumps, in comparison, maintain a consistent temperature and humidity throughout the home. They operate continuously at a lower level, so they aren’t always on full blast like a furnace or air conditioner. Thus, they provide consistent comfort, house-wide, all year long.

Consider a Ductless Heat Pump in the Pacific Northwest

When it comes to choosing the most eco-friendly and comfortable heating and cooling solution that’s also friendly on the wallet, a ductless mini-split is the perfect choice. If you’re ready to get a ductless system installed in your home or business, call us at (360) 615-2740, or request a free estimate today here

Want to learn more about ductless systems in the Pacific Northwest? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Installations in Washington.

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