The Most Eco-Friendly Heating and Cooling Option In the Pacific Northwest

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’d be hard pressed to forget the intense heat that enveloped our area last summer. Temperatures reached record-setting highs as we scrambled to stay cool. As a way to recuperate usage costs and prepare for more heat this summer, local utility companies are raising energy costs across the board. Rising prices coupled with a desire to avoid reliving last summer’s heat wave has triggered home and business owners to consider more energy efficient temperature control methods. We’ve simplified your research with a breakdown of the ductless mini-split, the most eco-friendly heating and cooling option available for those in the Pacific Northwest. 

Energy Efficient Cooling System for PNW Homeowners

As elevated levels of greenhouse gasses within the atmosphere lead to increasing temperatures, finding an energy efficient option to cool your home should be top priority. Thankfully, you don’t have to look far for an answer. Whether you’re constructing a new home, building an addition, or replacing your existing HVAC system, a ductless mini-split is the perfect solution for your PNW home. 

A ductless heating and cooling system (otherwise known as a mini-split), is a multi-zoned temperature control system. Rather than relying on ductwork to facilitate air movement, the system has an outdoor compressor and a single ductless indoor unit designated for each ‘zone’. This efficient, versatile system is capable of heating and cooling anywhere from a single room to an entire house. Most notably, it doesn’t require the installation of a costly, complicated ductwork system. , 

Since ductless systems don’t use ductwork to move air throughout the home, no air and thus, energy, is lost in the process. As a result, homeowners have reported saving up to 50% on their monthly bills after making the switch to a mini-split system. Ductless systems are a great way to stay cool in the hot summers and warm in the cold winters, while also feeling good about the decision to reduce your carbon footprint.  

Eco-Friendly Cooling Systems for PNW Commercial Businesses

If you’re a business owner whose commercial building is overdue for an upgrade or that is planning for new construction, a ductless system is the ideal way to conserve energy and consequently cut costs — without compromising the comfort of your employees. 

Updating a traditional HVAC system in an old building is no small feat, especially if the existing ductwork is in a restricted space or contains gaps and cracks in need of repair. In contrast, a ductless system simply requires a 3-inch hole in an exterior wall to connect each indoor unit to the outdoor compressor. With this system, a non-invasive installation process allows you to skip out on disruptions to business operations. Compact and aesthetically pleasing, the modern appearance of a ductless system is suitable for a professional setting. Generally around three feet in length, most ductless systems can be mounted on the wall. In some instances, they can be mounted in the ceiling.

Most importantly, ductless mini-splits operate more efficiently than traditional HVAC systems. You can rest assured that your PNW business is reducing its carbon footprint while remaining cost-effective. In fact, many systems have the ability to control each indoor unit independently. This means that your heating and cooling system conserves energy by only operating in the zones that need it. Big energy savings can lead to a greater impact on your bottom line, which benefits both you and your customers. 

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The ductless mini-split system is undoubtedly the most eco-friendly heating and cooling option for those living in the Pacific Northwest. Homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from the unparalleled energy efficiency and temperature-controlling technology that characterize this system. Upgrade to the most energy efficient heating and cooling system on the market today. Save money and stay comfortable year round.  

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