Thurston Energy Cold Cash!!

Thurston Energy has re-launched their popular heating and weatherization rebate known as ColdCa$h for POW&R for the 2015-2016 heating season and Alpine Ductless is an approved vendor!

Get 30% off the cost of energy efficiency upgrades up to $1500 PLUS rebates on Ductless Heat Pumps of up to $1000.

Designed specifically for homes that are heated with propane, oil or wood, and/or are rental homes, this rebate will help property owners save on the cost of weatherization projects, and the purchase and installation of Ductless Heat Pump Systems.

In order to be eligible for this rebate, the home must be located in Thurston County and be primarily heated by Propane, Oil, or Wood, and/or be a Rental. Other restrictions apply. See their website for more details.

These are the following rebates offered as part of this program:

REBATE 1: Energy Evaluation

Rebate of $200 off the price of a HomePLUS Energy Performance Score (EPS) Evaluation and Report, payable upon submission of any Cold Cash rebate or reporting of a utility rebate for an energy efficiency upgrade measure.

REBATE 2: Propane, Oil, Wood, and Rental Weatherization

Rebate of 30% off of price paid for weatherization improvement services (and materials), up to a maximum rebate amount of $1,500, on homes heated with propane, oil, or wood, and/or rental homes. Requires EPS Report prior to rebate payment. Qualifying measures to increase building envelope performance may include:

Air Sealing

Insulation (attics, walls, floors, ducts)

Whole house ventilation

Duct sealing

Electrical wiring upgrades associated with weatherization measures (Not to exceed 10% of rebate allocation)

REBATE 3: Ductless Heat Pump

Rebate of 30% off of price paid up to $1000 for the purchase and installation of a Single-Compressor Ductless Heat Pump (DHP) System. Requires EPS Report prior to rebate payment. Limit of one DHP rebate per house. The following housing types qualify:

Homes heated with propane

Homes heated with fuel oil

Homes heated with wood

Rental homes heated with electricity

  • Ductless heat pump systems being installed with multiple compressors do not qualify for Thurston Energy rebates and incentives.
  • Rebate amount is calculated based on the price after any discounts are applied, before sales tax is applied and before any utility rebates are claimed.
  • Please note that rental homes heated with natural gas do qualify for weatherization rebate, but do not qualify for ductless heat pump rebate.
  • In order to comply with legislative information requests, customers are asked to sign release forms to allow collection and reporting of actual energy usage before and after improvements are made.
  • Customers are advised to consult with their pre-approved contractor and Thurston Energy representative for further details.

Give us a call soon if you are a Thurston County resident and want to learn more about this incentive program, as there are a limited number of rebates available for the season.

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