Commonly Asked Questions about Ductless Heat Pumps

At Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling, our message is “Get Comfortable, Save Money, Breathe Easier” because it really sums up the benefits of owning a ductless heat pump. Let us walk you through each benefit and answer some of the frequently asked questions we hear from Pacific Northwest families who are exploring the switch to a Ductless Heating and Cooling System.

Benefits of a Ductless Heat Pump

First, the comfort delivered by a ductless heat pump is unmatched. Unlike a traditional central heating and cooling system that goes on and off, a ductless system constantly circulates air at just the right temperature throughout your home. No more uneven temperatures!

And, because of the technology of a ductless heat pump, comfortable temperatures are achieved with less energy use resulting in lower utility costs. Also, ductless systems installed in Tacoma, WA typically qualify for local utility energy rebates that can lower the cost of installation.

And finally, because air is constantly circulating through the filters of the indoor unit, the result is a steady supply of cleaner air in your home. Maintaining a heat pump requires cleaning filters under the tap once a month…that’s it!

Now, let’s get your questions answered.

What is the cost?

The initial cost of a ductless heat pump varies according to the size of the space being heated or cooled, air flow and even the number of windows in the home. It also depends on the individual preferences of the homeowner.

Do you like to sleep with your bedroom doors open or shut? Heating and cooling from a single zone ductless unit goes where the air flows, and you may want a system that allows for more comfort control in zones or rooms that are separate from the main living area.

A multi-zone ductless heat pump may be the answer. Sometimes, energy-efficient ductless heat pumps with inverter technology can work in combination with your existing ducted system giving you the same temperature control in individual rooms.

Many factors determine the price of a ductless system. True ductless system costs are realized through the initial price of installation and the resulting savings on energy bills throughout the life of your system. In Tacoma, Washington, Ductless systems have been proven to save up to 47% on monthly energy bills over the cost of using electric zonal systems.


What are the Best Heat Pump Brands?

At Alpine Ductless in Tumwater, WA, we’ve offered the same brands since the opening of our business in 2012. Daikin, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu, three of the best heat pump brands, offer outstanding products by continuously researching and developing the most energy-efficient, reliable heating and air conditioning solutions on the market.

And their commitment to offering environmentally responsible products matches those of Alpine Ductless. As a contractor and service provider, we appreciate the ease of installation, the reliability and integrity in design of that each brand offers. All three manufacturers offer training and support to guarantee that the products that we install will perform as designed. In our opinion, these three manufacturers offer the best heat pumps available.

What’s Involved with a Ductless Heat Pump Installation?

In Olympia, WA, when you choose a professionally trained Ductless Heat Pump contractor that follows best practices, you may expect an installation process that is convenient, safe and guarantees a properly functioning system.

First, an electrical permit and a mechanical permit is ordered. Once installation begins, the outdoor unit must be safely secured on a level surface with enough clearance to allow for proper air flow. A small 3-inch hole is drilled through the exterior wall through which refrigerant and communication lines run and connect to the indoor unit(s). The hole through the exterior wall is sealed to prevent water damage.

The electrician installs a new breaker, if necessary, and connects the electrical lines. The length of time it takes to install the system depends on the complexity of the system chosen, with single zone unit installation lasting about four hours.

Our Installation crews are licensed and bonded, reliable and professional. Part of their job is to make sure you, the homeowner, understands how to operate your new system. After installation, an electrical and mechanical inspection will be performed.

Can I Heat and Cool with a Ductless Heat Pump?

The answer is a Yes! A Ductless Heat Pump provides both heating and air conditioning. Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are days when it is unclear if you will need air conditioning or a blast of heat. Especially when the seasons change.

Simply set the mode to ductless heating to get comfortable during a Spring hailstorm. With just a click of the remote, you can switch to a ductless air conditioner once the temperatures soar. The inverter technology in a Ductless Heat Pump makes it easy to change with the seasons.

About Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling

Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling in Olympia, WA was started in 2012 after one of the owners, Cory, was asked to install a ductless heat pump in a home that he was remodeling. He was so impressed by their efficiency, comfort and design, he decided to start a business as a ductless installer. The idea was a good one, and his friend, Mike agreed to be a partner.

But before the business could get off the ground, it needed the approval of Cory’s wife. So, a ductless heat pump was installed in the home and after a few nights of not needing an extra blanket while watching TV, Cory’s wife was on board. As a matter of fact, after Mike left, Janette became Cory’s business partner and Alpine Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning became a true family business.

Have more questions about Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems? We are here to help. Contact us today and find out if a new Ductless System is right for you.

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