Why We Think Mitsubishi Electric Products Are So Great

Ductless heating and cooling is a great way to keep your home in Washington State comfortable throughout the year. Part of this comfort comes from choosing the right ductless system, and one of the brand names we’ve always believed in is Mitsubishi Electric. 

Mitsubishi Electric Has a Legacy of Quality

Mitsubishi has been serving the needs of Japan for over 100 years and is trusted around the world. First formed in 1870, the Mitsubishi Group is a conglomerate of different companies that have done everything from manufacture cars to provide financial services. And now, it’s keeping homes and businesses comfortable with HVAC and ductless solutions.

Since the Mitsubishi Group operates in multiple disciplines, the company leverages innovations and advances in one area and applies them to other branches. So, Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems have an advanced array of features to satisfy any home or business owner.

Better Air Filtration System

Advanced air filtration systems in Mitsubishi ductless systems more aggressively cleanse the air of harmful particles. Conventional HVAC systems only have one air filter in the furnace. Every ductless unit has a filter, so every room gets the coverage it needs. Even if a window is open and pollen gets in, a filter is ready to get to work. 

More importantly, ductless air filtration systems make the air safer, more comfortable, and easier to breathe for people with allergies and respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Depending on the model, deodorizing options are available as well.

Lower Maintenance

Mitsubishi air filtration systems last up to 10 years, as long as owners clean them periodically. They don’t require replacement every three months as with conventional HVAC systems. The lack of ventilation ducts also means that there’s no need to pay for regular duct cleaning, which is required for HVAC systems to maintain a high rate of efficiency.

Precise Air Flow

Mitsubishi ductless units have a whole suite of useful features to make maintaining comfort both efficient and cost-effective. Zoned monitoring, for example, analyzes the temperature in each area or room and adjusts it for comfort. The 3D i-See Sensor recognizes the presence and position of people within an area and redirects air for proper coverage, without causing discomfort by blowing directly on a person.

Higher Efficiency

Inverter technology provides a big boost to heating or cooling efficiency by adjusting the output of air. So, rather than turning on at full power and then shutting off, the hardware can monitor the temperature and then send out stronger or weaker air flow as required. The system only uses enough energy as required to maintain the temperature in a room, rather than wasting energy by running at full power every time a unit comes on.

More and more homes and businesses in Washington State are making the switch to ductless heating and cooling systems. For anyone who doesn’t want to build out new ventilation networks for additions or annexes, has limited space for air conditioning, or is looking for a more energy-efficient way to control the temperature of multiple areas, contact us. We can assess what your building needs and suggest the right unit for heat and cooling coverage, including high-quality Mitsubishi Electric products.

We are proven Ductless Heating and Cooling Master Installers who have helped over 2,500 homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest in in Thurston County including Olympia, Tumwater, Lacey, Yelm and more!

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