4 Mini-Split Thermostat Tips to Save On Your Utility Bills This Winter

Your mini-split ductless heating system is designed for energy efficiency. It uses zones for your indoor units, so you maintain temperature controls based on the rooms in the home. You can reduce temperatures when rooms are not in use, but there are always ways to improve your energy usage and help save on your utility bills even further. Here we offer four mini-split thermostat tips to improve energy savings.

1. Don’t Worry About the Temperature Reading on Your Remote

One of the tricks to ideal settings for your ductless heating in Northwest Washington is understanding the thermostat. It is mounted higher than other thermostats, so your thermostat is getting a higher temperature reading than a normal thermostat as it is located closer to the ceiling where the room is warmer. As a result, you’ll need to adjust your temperatures a little higher to be comfortable. Try a few settings until you feel comfortable and then you’ll know how to set your thermostat for your preferred room temperature.

2. Don’t Constantly Fuss with Your Setting

The first of the mini-split thermostat tips is important as it helps you find the perfect temperature setting for your ductless unit. Once you find the ideal temperature, you can use that number as a standard. Refrain from adjusting your temperature setting up and down, unless you plan on being away for three or more days. Ductless heat pumps operate most efficiently when they are maintaining a constant temperature.

3. Be Smart About Your Zones

Where you can use some strategy to adjust your setting more often, is being smart about your zones. Since you have control over each area, you can turn down the temperature to about 6 or 12 degrees or turn off the unit when the room isn’t in use. This way you aren’t needlessly running the unit and wasting energy. Your ductless system heats the air as it cycles through and then delivers it back into the room. As a result, you’ll find that your room will heat up rather quickly.

4. Be Sure to Check Your Batteries

Since batteries charge your thermostat and remote, make sure the batteries are working. This is one of the most simple mini-split thermostat tips, but an overlooked one. If you feel like your system isn’t responding as it should or not keeping your room at the temperature you’d like, batteries may be the culprit. 

Bonus Tip: Consider a Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat

If you really want to improve your heating efficiency even further, consider installing a Daikin One+ smart thermostat with your new unit. This thermostat was made specifically for ductless systems (just ask us which units are compatible!). It is connected to the cloud and allows you to control not just temperature, but also humidity and air quality. Its integrated Wi-Fi radio connects to your internet, where you can operate it from a mobile application on your phone, or using the state-of-the-art wall control. These smart ductless thermostats can automatically switch from heat to cold and vice versa so you have the ideal indoor temperature. You can operate the system on a schedule to suit your lifestyle and preferred comfort levels throughout the day and night.  

Keep These 4 Mini-Split Thermostat Tips Handy This Winter

By following these 4 mini-split thermostat tips, it’ll help you save on your utility bills this winter. 

Want to keep your system running smoothly? We’ll teach you how to maintain your system so it lasts for many years to come. Contact Alpine Ductless to schedule a maintenance check today.

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