Proven Technology for Over 40 Years

Ductless heat pumps units (the outdoor compressor and indoor head) are connected by small pipes that carry refrigerant. The refrigerant conditions the air by removing heat.

In the summer, the system removes heat from inside your home and sends it outside. In the winter, the system removes heat from the air outside and brings it into your home. This keeps your home a consistent temperature year round at a much lower monthly cost.

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In the winter, the refrigerant pulls heat from the outdoors to heat your home.

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In the summer, the refrigerant pulls heat from inside your home to cool it.

The Best Technology Available Today

Ductless heat pumps are a simple, sensible solution. Ductless Systems keep the temperature consistent in your home by using something called inverter technology. This allows them to avoid inconsistent temperature variations that occur with conventional heating systems. They use varying speed compressors to deliver only the optimum amount of refrigerant. Unlike other heating systems that blast air in just one spot, ductless systems distribute air evenly throughout the room.

Today, 90% of homes in Japan, most homes throughout Europe and many homes in other countries around the globe use this technology. But even with the increased savings, the biggest benefit our customers mention is improved comfort.

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Ready to find success by going ductless?

Ready to find success by going ductless?