Best Mini-Split Ductless Heat Pump for Cold Weather

Ductless heat pumps are a great choice if you live in the Pacific Northwest because the temperatures don’t get as cold as the capabilities of the system (we’re talking up to -15 degrees Fahrenheit). This means you and your family will be comfortable throughout the winter months while getting all the benefits a ductless heat pump has to offer.

Ductless heat pumps consist of an outdoor compressor and indoor air handling units, and in colder weather, they take warm air from one area in your home and move it to another. This heat transfer works through the evaporation and condensation of refrigerant in heat exchanger coils before warm air is sent into the various rooms of your home.

If you’re wondering what the best mini-split ductless heat pump for cold weather happens to be, we have some useful information about three high-quality brands below.

Daikin Ductless Heat Pumps

Daikin is a Japanese company that has the distinction of being the largest HVAC company in the world. Their products are known for having wonderful warranties, which offers great peace of mind when making this important purchase.

Daikin has been operating for close to a century and has established a reputation for quality that is hard to match. Some of the features of Daikin products include 3D Air Flow and smart systems that can detect when people are in a room. Plus it has Wi-Fi capabilities.

Fujitsu Ductless Heat Pumps

Fujitsu is another brand of mini-split ductless heat pump for cold weather that works great in the Pacific Northwest. Fujitsu is known for its technology products and is the third oldest information technology company in the world behind IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

Fujitsu mini-split ductless heating systems are energy efficient, reliable and easy to install. They carry a 99.99% product performance rate that any homeowner would love.

Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi usually leads the way in annual sales of ductless heating and cooling systems in America. The company was first formed in 1870 in Japan and has sold a wide range of different products over the years, making it a trusted name around the world.

Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps offer a range of features that appeal to homeowners from all walks of life, including advanced filtration systems, inverter technology, precise airflow and lower maintenance than most other systems. When you add the reputable name and commitment to quality, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners trust Mitsubishi for their ductless heating needs.

At Alpine Ductless, we only install systems that we believe will keep our customers at the ultimate comfort level for the entire winter. When we install one of the above-mentioned ductless heating systems in your home, you can feel confident that you will have reliable heating and features that meet your needs and your lifestyle.

Get in touch with us today and we will help you figure out which of these systems will work best for your family.

We are proven Ductless Heating and Cooling Master Installers who have helped over 2,500 homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest in cities like Centralia, Chehalis and more!

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