Ductless Heat Pump Reviews

At Alpine Ductless in Olympia, Washington, we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our customers. Read the client testimonials from Google My Business to learn how we’ve resolved common ductless heat heating and cooling issues.

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Broken Down Traditional HVAC System

“My power bill has been cut in half and my whole house is comfortable,” – ductless heat pump review from Kate P.

Traditional HVAC systems are made up of various heating, cooling and ventilation components that operate together to make your indoor living spaces more comfortable. Maintaining all these components in good working order ensures that you and your family remain comfortable, but complications can occur that reduce efficiency, increase your monthly bills, or cause breakdowns.

The most common reasons why your HVAC system is operating inefficiently include:

  • Broken thermostat – faulty thermostats lead to an inability to sense room temperature, causing your furnace or AC not to respond
  • Dirty filter – installing clean filters increases longevity of equipment, cleaner indoor air, and a cleaner physical environment
  • Improperly balanced dampers – repositioning ductwork or adding booster fans can help with system airflow during all seasons
  • Improper installation – HVAC systems that aren’t installed properly can lead to poor airflow rate, leaky ducts, frozen lines and inefficient electrical usage
  • Lack of maintenance – scheduling regular maintenance can ensure that your system is running optimally during hot and cold seasons

 If you’re looking to lower your costs, improve your system efficiency, and make sure you and your family are taken care of, call us today.

Reclaiming a Space

“The team at Alpine Ductless really took the time to explain the benefits of switching over from my expensive electric wall heating units to a newer, more efficient ductless heating system. My new heater was installed in one day, while I was at work and I came home to a quieter house (the wall unit is almost virtually silent) and for the first time in years, a home that was all one even temperature! I’m very pleased with my new system and can really say I trust that the people at Alpine Ductless set me up with exactly what I needed,” – ductless heat pump review from Michelle P.

Common HVAC heating systems often include a furnace in the basement, a condenser outside, and a network of ventilation ducts running into every room. When renovations introduce new space into your home, it can be difficult to adjust these complicated systems for optimal heating and cooling.


With ductless heating, you don’t need to worry about building new ventilation ducts, or modifying existing systems. While an overhaul might be over your budget, going hybrid can keep systems in place for current rooms, but add heating to new spaces or additions. Ductless heating systems can also be installed in historical homes, without having to disrupt old architecture.


At Alpine Ductless, we provide HVAC repairs as well as new installation services. If you’re looking to change your traditional HVAC to a ductless heating and cooling system, or add new components in additional spaces, we have the qualified installers you need.

New Build

“I’ve been telling people it’s fabulous! Highly satisfied. My electric bill has gone down. Thank you! I would highly recommend you guys,” – ductless heat pump review form Albert R.

When building new homes, there are a lot of different decisions to make in regards to design, look and functionality. In terms of heating and cooling systems, there are a few more factors to consider: 

  • Ductwork layout
  • Thermostat placement
  • Multi-zone control
  • Adding heat recovery ventilators, or humidifiers
  • In-floor or geothermal heaters


Opting for a ductless heating system right from the start can help you fit your budget. Ductless heating and cooling systems are easy to design, are highly flexible, and are quick to install. They provide homeowners with the ability to set the exact temperature they desire for each room, providing consistent and efficient comfort during every season. 

The increased efficiency of ductless units also helps to greatly reduce the home’s carbon footprint. At Alpine Ductless, we make sure that each component of the ductless heating and cooling system is installed for optimal energy usage, so your home is built to help protect the future of the planet.


Alpine Ductless

Ductless heating is our specialty, and we can make it happen in your home. Contact Alpine Ductless, and tell us about your needs. We’ll set you up with a free consultation, see where your house stands, and find the best ductless heating solution for you!

Installing unparalleled comfort with Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems in Mason County including Shelton, Union and Allyn-Grapeview, Washington! Plus you can visit our Ultimate Guide to Ductless Heating & Cooling in the Northwest for more answers on the benefits of Ductless systems.

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