Maintenance for a Ductless Heat Pump: Things You Can Do Vs. Things You Should Leave to the Pros

Your ductless heating and cooling system keeps your home comfortable year-round. With its easy operation and simple functionality, it can be easy to forget about its need for simple ongoing maintenance. Without proper maintenance, your ductless heat pump can start to run into efficiency issues. Here we review things you can do on your own to maintain its efficiency, as well as things you should leave to the pros.

Things You Can Do to Maintain Your Ductless Heat Pump 

Here are the simple steps you can take to help your ductless heat pump continue to operate at optimum performance:

  • Rinse your air filter: By cleaning your air filters once a month, you can do wonders for your ductless heating and cooling system. Most ductless systems have washable filters, so rather than replacing it frequently as you would a traditional system, you just need to wash it instead. This is an important step because your air filter gets clogged with dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens. When these particles are trapped in the filter, it interferes with your system’s efficiency.
  • Clean the main indoor units and control: Wipe each clean using a soft, dry cloth. For more stubborn dirt, moisten a cloth in warm water, wring it out thoroughly, and wipe gently. You can remove the air intake grille in order to wash it with water. Clean the grille using a soft sponge or rag and wipe away any remaining moisture. There’s not a specific time schedule for this step. You may prefer to do it as part of your regular house cleaning, filter cleaning or even when you just start to notice some dust.
  • Keep the units clear: You’ll also help your system work easier by keeping both your indoor and outdoor units clear of obstructions. Look for things like fallen branches, leaves, snow, and ice on your outdoor unit every now and then, and make sure furniture and other objects aren’t placed directly in front of your indoor units.

By completing these maintenance activities, you can make a big difference in your system’s operation. It will help your system function more efficiently, providing even more dependable service and longer life.

Maintenance Best Left to Ductless Professionals

In hand with your own maintenance duties for a ductless heat pump, you should also schedule periodic system checks and tune-ups with a ductless professional. You can do it seasonally, but even twice a year in the spring and fall will work. They will take care of the more involved maintenance, including a thorough check of both your outdoor and indoor units. A professional ductless maintenance call takes care of the following:

  • Safety inspection
  • Performance check
  • Cleaning away dust and debris
  • Inspecting and cleaning filters if required
  • Tightening electrical connections as required
  • Checking airflow settings

If your ductless professional finds something that is not functioning properly, he or she will discuss fixing the issue quickly so that your ductless heating and cooling system can continue to keep you comfortable.

For consistent and worry-free maintenance, ask us about our Peace of Mind Deep Clean and Inspection Program

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