Tips to Make Your Ductless System More Efficient

Choosing a ductless heating and cooling system is an excellent first step to enjoy savings on your energy bill. However, you can see even more efficiency from your ductless heat pump in Olympia, WA by using the following tips:

Set Your System Properly

First, it is important to understand how to set your temperature. Although you do have the choice to let the system automatically set the temperature, this can interfere with efficiency. Avoid using smart thermostats and instead, set your own temperature when using your unit so you remain comfortable and avoid wastage. However, if your system uses smart technology invented specifically for ductless heat pumps, like the Daikin One+, you should take advantage of its features. Next, set your fan speed to Auto as this helps improve room temperature comfort while also improving the efficiency of your unit.

Operate Your Ductless Unit 24/7

Unlike your traditional HVAC systems, ductless systems perform better when running 24/7. They actually use more energy to fire up and/or down than maintaining regular operation. By only setting back your temperatures when you are away by about 2 to 3 degrees, you will make the most of your energy savings.

Balance Backup Heat

Some people still have backup heat they use in tandem with their ductless system. If this is the case, your backups should be kept about two degrees lower in the winter than your ductless. This allows your heat pump to carry the brunt of the work and in turn save you energy as they tend to run more efficiently than their counterparts.

Improve Air Circulation

Keep all your room doors open if you have a single-head ductless system so the air can circulate throughout the home. This keeps each room comfortable instead of containing all the hot or cold air in one area.

Let the Sun Help

In rooms that get a lot of sun, open the curtains when you don’t need privacy to allow the sun to help heat the room on colder days. For the summer, keep the curtains closed during the day to help block the heat. This allows you to maintain comfortable temperatures without relying too much on your ductless system.

Practice Smart Maintenance

Read the manufacturer’s manual to learn how to maintain your system. In most cases, you will want to clean the filters frequently to improve airflow. Your outdoor unit should be checked for debris and vegetation in the summer, and snow and ice in the winter. You want it clear, so air movement remains efficient. At least once per season, look at the linehide that covers the refrigerant, communication and drain lines. If they are damaged, speak to your ductless expert.

Professional Maintenance

Make sure you arrange for a Peace of Mind Deep Clean and Inspection Plan. A deep cleaning appointment is recommended every two years. They will provide preventative care to keep your heat pump and ductless system working efficiently. 

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