Where Should You Install a Ductless Mini-Split for the Best Air Circulation?

Choosing to go with a ductless system in a home or business is a great step to more efficient heating and cooling. A major benefit of a ductless mini-split is that it has flexibility in its placement. With a smaller unit size compared to bulky, traditional HVAC systems, ceiling and wall-mounted options, and lack of ductwork, the possibilities are endless. But where should you install ductless? Here’s how your installer will determine where to place your ductless mini-split to get the best air circulation throughout the home or business.

Indoor Air Handler

An indoor ductless unit will either be the only one or one of many, depending on the number of zones your ductless mini-split will cover. The indoor ductless unit contains an evaporator coil, blower motor, filter, and other components. It’s an essential piece of your ductless mini-split system that regulates the temperature indoors. We install two different types of indoor air handlers from Daikin and Mitsubishi: ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted. The size of an average wall-mounted air handler is an oblong 12x32x9 inches, while a ceiling-mounted handler is typically a square 24×24 inches.

Types of Indoor Mounts

Ceiling-Mounted Ductless Indoor Unit

A ceiling-mounted ductless indoor unit, called a ceiling cassette, is one popular indoor mini-split option. These mounts are available as a one-way or four-way ceiling cassette, meaning the air can blow in either one direction or all four directions. One-way cassettes blow air into a room from an area close to a wall. Four-way cassettes blow air in all four directions and tend to be a better option for large spaces. These might be suitable for the center of a ceiling. Both types of ceiling mounts hide all of the mechanics within the ceiling, leaving only a 1-inch grill exposed. These are typically a little more difficult to install, but are more discreet and handy when there is little wall space available. 

Wall-Mounted Ductless Indoor Unit

Generally speaking, it’s best to install a wall-mounted indoor ductless unit on an exterior wall of the house and in the center of the room. However, with proper planning by a ductless installation team, installing an indoor air handler on an interior wall is possible. Still, exterior walls offer a simplified setup process due to the ease of running refrigerant lines to the outdoor compressor. Also, in most cases, keep in mind that you should not install a wall-mounted unit above a door or window. 

Best Indoor Placement

Ductless technicians follow the manufacturer’s clearance guidelines when choosing a location. The  wrong placement can limit the effectiveness of your unit. In general, indoor ductless units should be placed at least a foot away from other objects, but different units may have specific requirements. Ensure the unit has ample space surrounding it and that the air flow is never blocked by furniture, plants, or other items. As a reminder, be sure to consult with a professional to guarantee the best placement of your indoor ductless unit. 

Best Outdoor Compressor Placement

The second component of a ductless mini-split is the outdoor compressor. Much like an indoor unit, the outdoor compressor needs ample airflow and sufficient space around it. 

The placement of an outdoor compressor varies depending on the size and brand of the unit. In addition, a shorter distance between the indoor air handler and the outdoor compressor means the refrigerant has a minimum distance to travel, thus optimizing results. Your technicians will likely place the outdoor compressor in a place away from plants or other vegetation, as the compressor will expel hot or cold air out the front throughout the year. 

Professional Installers to Help Determine Where You Should Install Ductless

For best results, work with a certified ductless professional who will have years of experience and the ability to help you determine an optimal location in your home. If you’re ready to get a ductless system installed in your home and want assistance with ensuring it gives your space proper airflow, give us a call or contact us to get a free estimate. Our team will meet with you to determine the best unit and location for your home or business. 

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Helping Homeowners in Our Community

Helping Homeowners in Our Community

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