Master Installer Insight: Step-By-Step Mini-Split Installation

Ductless mini-splits are without doubt a great investment for home or business owners with multiple rooms to heat or cool. Rather than wasting energy heating an entire building, a mini-split heats individual spaces. The system saves energy usage and also monthly heating and cooling utility costs. With big money savings on the mind, it might be tempting to take it a step further and attempt to install a ductless system on your own. 

Without professional mini-split installation and follow up maintenance, however, you could end up with some major problems. If you’ve considered installing a mini-split, please be sure to call a professional, a certified Master Installer, who has experience installing and maintaining ductless units. Here we review the mini-split installation process step-by-step and why it’s important to utilize a certified ductless Master Installer to complete the job. 

Why should I rely on a certified ductless Master Installer to install my system?

While installing a ductless mini-split sounds simple, it requires a professional ductless installer to complete the process safely and efficiently. One way to verify your installer is licensed, bonded, insured, EPA-Certified, and a licensed electrician is by asking if they are a certified Master Installer.

Certified ductless Master Installers go through rigorous training and verify a minimum number of ductless installations before receiving their certification. In addition to the initial certification, Master Installers must maintain their status by completing ongoing training and a number of installations per year. They also follow a list of tried and true best practices with every installation. 

When you hire a Master Installer for your ductless system’s installation, you can have peace of mind that it’ll be installed the right way. 

Installing An Indoor Ductless Unit

Installing a unit the right way typically begins with an assessment of your home. Your sales consultant works with you to determine the best location for your unit depending on your unique situation. In most cases, however, your indoor unit should be centrally located and away from any existing thermostats. Once the location is chosen, your sales consultant locates the studs on the wall and designs the placement. Then, they pass on the information to your installer. 

Using the design and placement from the sales consultant, your installer drills small holes and installs the unit’s mounting brackets. They then mount the unit and ensure it’s flush to the wall and level. Next, your installer drills additional tiny pilot holes for the refrigerant lines, drain tubing, and control lines. They’ll connect the wire to your unit and feed the refrigerant pipe, wiring, and tubing through the wall. After that, they’ll focus on installing the outdoor unit next.

Installing An Outdoor Ductless Compressor

The outdoor compressor unit needs to be on a stable, level surface, away from pathways or areas of snow buildup. Your installer will place the unit in an ideal location and then secure it to its foundation using sturdy brackets, bolts, or an adhesive. Your installer will then connect the pipes and tubing from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. They will cover the wiring and tubing to keep it tidy and to avoid condensation buildup.

Once the unit is in place and everything is properly connected, your ductless installer will ‘fire the system off’. They’ll confirm the correct refrigerant levels and power it up, ensuring it’s using the proper amount of electricity. ‘Firing off a system’ is an important step to ensure everything is safe and functioning properly. 

Post-Installation Education And Maintenance Training by a Master Installer 

After your mini-split installation, your installer will meet with you to educate you about your new unit. They will go over cleaning and maintenance practices and teach you how to clean your filters. They will show you signs of a system issue, and provide you with contact details in case you have any questions. And, they will also discuss with you any deep cleaning or ongoing maintenance programs available. By properly maintaining your unit, you’ll ensure its longevity and efficient performance for years to come. 

In addition, once your installation is complete, there will be up to two inspections by the municipality that issued the permit to verify the mini-split is up to code. The inspections will take place within 30 days of installation for mechanical, and within 10 days if electrical.

When installing a ductless heating or cooling system, working with a certified Master Installer is the best option for your home or business. They’ll have proper credentials and they’ll have a deep understanding of how ductless systems work. They’ll also bring years of experience, giving you peace of mind that your unit installation was correct. 

Give us a call or schedule a free estimate today, and one of our Master Installers will meet with you and find the perfect ductless solution for you. 

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