What Is Ductless Heat Pump Repair Service and How Can Olympia Ductless Professionals Help?

Until there’s a problem, most Pacific Northwest homeowners do not give much thought to their home’s heating and cooling systems. Unfortunately, when a problem does arise, it is a significant one. A broken heater in the middle of winter can leave you freezing in your home, while a broken AC unit in the middle of summer can leave you sweltering hot. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of all of that stress? What if you could have a reliable heating and cooling system without high costs and tedious maintenance? That is where a ductless heat pump comes in. Here is everything you need to know about ductless heat pumps, including how they work and when you may need a ductless heat pump repair service.

What Is a Ductless Heat Pump?

A ductless heating and cooling system (otherwise known as a mini-split), is a multi-zoned temperature control system. Rather than relying on ductwork to push air around, the system has an outdoor compressor and a single ductless indoor unit for each ‘zone’. This system is usually more reliable than traditional HVAC conditioning systems and has several benefits. For example, it is much easier to install and also consumes less energy, which makes it environmentally friendly.

Benefits of a Mini-Split

A ductless heat pump is an excellent choice for Pacific Northwest homeowners who want to save energy and money on their heating bills. Here are a few more benefits of a mini-split:

  • It’s Compact: Unlike bulky air conditioners or furnaces, ductless heat pumps are very compact. Also, since they don’t require ductwork, its placement opportunities within the home are almost endless. 
  • It’s Energy Efficient: The efficiency of ductless heat pumps is better than that of traditional air conditioning systems. Several manufacturers provide a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 30.
  • It Improves Air Quality: The air quality in your space can be significantly improved with ductless heat pumps. Ductless mini-split systems absorb dust, nasty odors, and a wide variety of airborne allergens. Without ductwork, indoor air won’t be contaminated by whatever is hiding in your air ducts. Additionally, a ductless system doesn’t pull air (and, with it, pollutants) from outside but instead utilizes the air already within the home.

Why Would I Need A Ductless Heat Pump Repair Service?

Every appliance occasionally experiences issues, and heat pumps are no exception. Here are some issues that may come up if you have a mini-split. All of these would be a good reason to call for a ductless heat pump repair service

  • Refrigerant Leak: Although rare, AC Refrigerants can occasionally leak through the piping system. The heat pump’s ability to cool or heat the home may be compromised. When this occurs, a professional needs to perform tests on the refrigerant pipes and fittings to find the leak as quickly as possible.
  • Dirty Filter: Your heat pump may have to operate more diligently to maintain the same level of airflow if your air filter is blocked. As a result, your system’s efficiency may suffer, and your heat pump won’t provide adequate heating or cooling. A decent rule of thumb is to rinse or clean your  heat pump’s filter every month. Slide the filthy or clogged filter out of your indoor unit and wash it under running water to clean it. Put it back into the heat pump when it has had time to dry.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coil: A frozen evaporator coil can prevent a heat pump from heating and cooling. This can occur due to a blocked air intake or a buildup of dust, filth, and grime on the evaporator coil. If this happens, it needs to be checked by a professional as soon as possible. 
  • Fan Failure: Lack of air flowing across a coil can cause damage to the system and absolutely needs to be checked by a ductless professional.
  • The Heat Pump Emits A Foul Odor: This frequently occurring issue has a simple or complicated solution. Wet filters, a blockage in the condensate drain, refrigerant leakage, or fungal buildup are just a few of the causes of the odor. It’s a common issue for heat pumps to emit unpleasant odors intermittently, but if it happens consistently, the system most likely needs a professional deep clean.

How Can Olympia Ductless Professionals Help?

A ductless heat pump is an excellent option for people who want to reduce energy costs since it uses less energy than a traditional heating and cooling system. However, ductless heat pumps can malfunction from time to time. When this happens, the unit won’t be able to adequately cool or warm your home, which can cause ongoing problems.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Daikin or Mitsubishi ductless heat pump, call Alpine Ductless. We are the experts in ductless heat pump repair in the Pacific Northwest, and we can help you get your system back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. One of the main benefits of using Alpine Ductless is our years of experience repairing ductless heat pumps. We know exactly what needs to be done to get your system working again, and we will do everything we can to make the process as pain-free as possible for you.

Contact us today if you need help fixing your ductless heat pump! We proudly serve the Thurston, Pierce, Mason, Lewis and South King county areas.

Want to learn more about ductless systems in the Pacific Northwest? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Installations in Washington.

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