Why You Should Have a PNW Professional Clean Your Ductless Mini-Split System

In the Pacific Northwest, we are nearing the end of wildfire season! This is usually the best time to schedule a ductless deep clean to get rid of any smoke and ash buildup. Fortunately, we haven’t had wildfire smoke in our area this year! But keep in mind that any exposure to excessive dust or debris calls for a ductless deep clean. Removing soot and other debris that may accumulate will improve performance, efficiency and ensure that it continues to run at peak performance. Having a PNW professional clean your ductless mini-split system on a regular basis is important to its longevity and saves you the chore.

What Fires and Smoke Does to Your Ductless System

The great thing about ductless heat pumps is that they recirculate indoor air so you can continue to run it even while it is smoky outside. In fact, we recommend having at least one ‘clean room’ inside your home. This is where your ductless mini-split runs and keeps your indoor air healthy to breathe. Keep in mind that each time you open a door to your home, smoke will come in. Be sure to keep your ductless filter clean to keep the air as filtered as possible.

The outdoor unit will need a good but gentle cleaning once the smoke clears. Throughout wildfire season, ash and debris builds up on the outside of your unit. You’ll want to remove it as soon as you can to ensure your system runs efficiently as it should. Remember to rinse it gently with a garden hose (no high pressure). Or, call a professional to do the job properly and keep the warranty intact.

What Happens During a Ductless Deep Clean?

A ductless professional deep clean is similar to spring cleaning your home! During a ductless mini-split deep clean, you can expect the following:

Cleaning Interior Parts 

First, the professional will remove the front cover of your indoor unit. They will then apply a custom bib that goes under the bottom and around the sides of it. The bib protects your wall and floor from water and cleaners during the deep cleaning process. From there, they will spray the coil with a foaming coil cleaner, which will remove dust and dirt buildup. After they apply the cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes, the professional will spray it off with water, which runs into the plastic bib. Then they’ll clean the fan, where most dirt builds up. They’ll spray it and then dispose of the dirty water. 

Cleaning the Exterior Condenser

To tackle cleaning the outdoor compressor, a professional will remove any surrounding debris, twigs, leaves, or grass in and around the unit. They will then use a coil cleaning tool to spray down the unit. They will remove any dirt, and then dry it off with a cloth. A ductless professional will also clean the grille, fan cage, and fan blades. The fan blades are extremely fragile, so they will take extra care to avoid damaging them. 

Inspecting the Whole Unit

Lastly, a ductless cleaning professional will search for signs of leaks, worn down parts, condensation, unusual sounds and proper airflow. Alpine Ductless technicians are licensed, bonded and insured, so you can rest assured we’ll take care of your system.

Other areas where a professional will take initiative during a deep cleaning is to check for possible fire hazards like electrical connections. They will also conduct an inspection of the complete system, from mounting hardware to letting you know if landscaping near the unit may be or eventually become a hazard. Here are the components we will check!

Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Ductless System

Indoor air quality is something to be mindful of when inside your home. Did you know that on average, the pollution in your home is usually greater than outdoors? Things such as the cleaning products you use, any pets you may have, beauty products, and the efficiency and cleanliness of your heating and cooling system can have a negative impact on your health.

In Northwest Washington state we do have to worry about outdoor air quality when wildfires are present. This makes cleaning your ductless heat pump even more of a priority. Making sure you have access to clean air is not something to take lightly and what better of a place to find clean air than in your own home?

Routine cleaning is crucial to keeping your ductless system working and the air in your home healthy, but a deep clean and inspection of your systems gives you peace of mind that your ductless mini-split will continue to work and do its job, especially when it may become a necessity.

A clean unit is a happy unit! When ductless systems get clogged up, they don’t work properly or efficiently. Your energy bill could skyrocket just because your ductless heat pump isn’t clean. A simple routine cleaning and a deep clean once every two years will prove to be worth it time and time again.  

Schedule A Professional Ductless Deep Clean with Alpine Ductless in the Pacific Northwest

If you want to get the most out of your ductless mini-split, then having it professionally cleaned is essential. Not only do you ensure that your ductless heat pump is completely clean, but you know the whole system is operating at its best! 

Alpine Ductless mini-split cleaning services are second to none! If you’re wondering how to clean your ductless mini-split system or you’re unsure if a part is damaged or not working properly, call the professionals. Our ductless technicians are licensed, insured, and experts in ductless systems, so much so that we have a designated team dedicated to deep cleaning. Sign up for our program today!

Want to learn more about ductless air conditioning? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Ductless Heating and Cooling.

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