Do I Need a Ductless Repair? Here Are Some Common Signs For Repairs We See

Sometimes, we experience little hints that our ductless heating and cooling system is not functioning properly. It might be a slight chill in the rooms of your home when temperatures outside drop, or a muggy, warm feeling in the summer. You might notice unusual sounds or spot unexplained moisture. The good news is that ductless heating and cooling systems will hold their efficiency over time if they’re provided with routine maintenance and regular deep cleanings and inspections. By inspecting the units on a regular basis, it’s easier to find issues before they become a problem. Here we offer some common signs your ductless is not performing properly and the most frequent ductless repairs we make.

The Most Common Ductless Repairs We Make

If your ductless professional finds something that is not functioning properly, it’s best to have it fixed quickly so that your ductless heating and cooling system can continue to keep you comfortable. The most common issues our repairmen find are: 

System Is Not Keeping Up With Demand 

If you find that your ductless unit is not keeping up with demand, there’s a chance that it simply is dirty. Over time, even if you have been cleaning your filter regularly, dirt and particles can build up and cause your system to run less efficiently.

System Is Making a Loud Noise

A ductless system should operate nice and quietly. Sometimes you will notice noises that are not normal. Your system could be just going through a defrost cycle, which is common. However, if the noise continues after 20 minutes, you may have an issue.

A Major Component Has Failed, Or Is Broken

Although it’s unfortunate for a major component to fail or break, warranties cover most parts failures if filed within the warranty period. A ductless repairman can help you determine if your unit is under the warranty period. 

Loss of Efficiency and Need for Ductless Repairs 

Your ductless heating and cooling system is designed to be energy efficient. If you notice your electrical bill is rising, it could be a red flag that something is not working correctly. 

In addition, if you are getting warm or cool air as expected, but the airflow seems weak, this is a sign you need a professional to come in and see what is causing the reduced efficiency. You might also notice your system isn’t completing a cooling cycle to reach the ideal temperature. Usually, we find this among units that are not being cleaned on a regular basis. Be sure to clean your filters monthly and have a deep cleaning performed yearly or bi-yearly.

Some Part of the System Is Damaged or Has Come Loose

Loose connections or damaged parts can cause malfunctions within your ductless unit. A trained ductless technician can assess the unit and determine the cause of the issue as well as recommend a plan for fixing it. 

Batteries In Remotes Wear Out and Need Replaced

Before calling a ductless repairs technician, it’s always a good idea to replace your remote’s batteries to see if that’s why you can’t get your system to respond. Because batteries tend to wear out over time, it’s a common thing we see while on service calls. 

Damage to the Motherboard From a Power Surge

Sometimes, a power surge, such as a lightning strike or power outage will cause damage to the ductless unit’s motherboard. Unfortunately, it will need to be replaced. We recommend installing a surge protector to prevent this from happening, especially if you live in an area that often loses power.

Prevent Unit Malfunctions With Routine Maintenance and Ductless Repairs

The best way to ensure your unit is functioning correctly is to provide it with consistent maintenance. By cleaning and inspecting your unit consistently, you’ll be able to find issues before they become a problem. For consistent and worry-free cleanings and inspections, ask us about our Peace of Mind Deep Clean and Inspection Program

Contact us here or call us at (360) 615-2740 to see if you need a ductless heating system repair!

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