How Much Does it Cost to Install a Ductless Heat Pump in Olympia?

If you are considering a new HVAC system, you might be looking for the most cost-effective solution. Many people in Olympia, Washington are discovering the benefits of a ductless heat pump installation. The cost to install a ductless heat pump can vary depending on a range of different factors. If you think that a ductless heat pump is right for you and your family, it’s important to do your due diligence and consider all of the variables before making a final decision.

Here are the different elements to help explain the cost to install a ductless heat pump in Olympia.

What Impacts Ductless Heat Pump Installation Costs?

There are six things that impact your ductless heat pump installation:

1. Ductless Heat Pump Sizing Chart: A ductless heat pump expert will assess your home and use a ductless heat pump sizing chart to determine the right size to manage your home’s heating and cooling needs. The size directly affects the installation costs, because the larger the system required, the more the system itself will cost. The formula used to determine size is your home (or room’s) square footage multiplied by 25. This number tells you the approximate British Thermal Unit (BTU) output needed for your home. It’s important to get the right-sized heat pump for your home. That way, you avoid overworking an under capacity system and cause a system failure in the process.

2. Ductless Heat Pump Costs by Brand: The brand you choose will impact the cost of your ductless heat pump, which in turn impacts the overall installation costs. Typically, Mitsubishi and Daikin ductless heat pumps are comparable in cost. It’s not imperative that you always opt for the highest-end brands. But, it is a good idea to focus on quality, reputation and similar factors when choosing the right ductless heat pump. Sometimes, ductless heat pumps that cost less can still perform at a high level because the brand is of the highest quality.

3. Ductless Heat Pump Cost by Project Range: How complicated your installation will be also raises the price. For example, a home where you are simply installing a single “zone” for an addition will be more affordable than a large home with several zones. The zones refer to the areas requiring indoor handlers to deliver the air to your rooms. If your home has a lot of different rooms in which you’ll need to control the temperature, then it stands to reason the price will be higher for this type of installation.

4. Cost to Install a Ductless Heat Pump: The overall cost is impacted by how complicated the installation is. Heat pump installation is based on labor and how long it takes to complete the installation from start to finish. Align yourself with high-quality installation experts and you’ll be confident that they are making the best use of their time. This, in turn, will lower your installation costs. 

5. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: Known as the SEER, this ratio rates the seasonal cooling performance of your heat pump. The higher the SEER the more efficient your heat pump cools your home. Ideally, you want a value between 8–10. The more efficient the cooling, the more you’ll save on your energy bills month to month. However, the increased SEER will also increase the cost of your unit up front. There’s no question that in the end, you will pay more for quality. But, a high SEER rating means you’ll get the best heating and cooling possible on a consistent basis.

6. Heating Seasonal Performance Ratio: The HSPF considers heating efficiency. The more efficient the system, the less you’ll pay for energy usage over time. And, the more you’ll pay for the system up front.

What Other Factors Affect the Cost to Install a Ductless Heat Pump?

The other factors that impact the cost of installing a ductless heat pump in Olympia include:

Savings Through Utility Rebates: Most Washington utility companies offer impressive rebates for homeowners replacing inefficient heating systems with more efficient systems, such as ductless heating and cooling heat pumps. These energy rebate incentives are designed to prioritize energy savings in the state. By working with a ductless contractor, such as Alpine Ductless, who finds the best possible rebates and manages the entire process for you*, you can save significantly on your ductless heat pump installation.  

*Please note that not all utilities have the same requirements. In the event that we are unable to file the rebate for you, we will provide all the necessary paperwork to make the process as easy as possible.

Mini-split Heat Pump Efficiency: Ductless heat pumps offer better efficiency ratings than boiler-based systems because they maximize the amount of heat generated from the energy consumed. This makes it one of the most energy-efficient AC/heaters available. Naturally, the more efficient the system the less you’re going to pay on an ongoing basis.

The Exact Cost to Run Your Mini-Split Heat Pump: This is hard to calculate because charts providing average costs don’t use the exact amount you pay in your area. Also, you don’t generally operate all your units at once, which is where you see most of your savings. However, based on national averages, a 6,000 BTU Mini Split AC with 1,758 watts costs about $0.23 per hour to run. At the higher end, a 24,000 BTU Mini Split AC with 7,033 watts costs about $0.91 per hour.

Ducted vs Ductless Heat Pump: Most people see energy savings over ductless systems because there is no energy lost distributing the hot or cold air through ducts. When you have traditional ductwork in your home, it’s common to lose energy along the way as the air is pumped throughout your home. If you are losing air to areas that don’t require heating or cooling, not only will the rooms in your home not be as comfortable as you want but you’ll also end up paying more.

Mini-split Heat Pump vs Gas Furnace: Many homeowners debate whether to use a mini-split heat pump or a traditional gas furnace. There are pros and cons to each one. It’s important to consider each one carefully before making a final decision.

When it comes to ductless heat pumps, you’ll get more energy efficiency than using a gas furnace. They also usually cost less to install than a furnace because furnaces need extensive ventilation systems. This alone can increase the cost, especially if your house is not already fit for this type of installation. Also, the fact that there are no ducts makes the process less complex.

In the US, the rates for electricity are usually lower than for natural gas. So, it’s typically less expensive to operate a ductless heat pump than a gas furnace. You’ll also notice much quieter performance from your ductless heat pump than from a standard gas furnace. And you will never have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning while using a heat pump in your home. Overall the benefits of a ductless heat pump make it a wise choice for many homeowners.

Is Ductless Heat Pump Right for Me?

A ductless heat pump can work anywhere but is very popular for:

Heating spaces like additions and outbuildings

Quite often, heating extra spaces like home additions or outbuildings on your property can be challenging. But when you have a ductless heat pump working to supply warm and cool air to those spaces, it makes the process less complicated for everyone involved.

Houses with rooms that aren’t used often

With traditional heating and cooling systems, infrequently used rooms still get the same amount of heating and cooling as every other room in the house. This results in a lot of wasted energy and higher energy bills for you. With a ductless heat pump, rooms that aren’t used very often can be completely closed off. And, as a result, ends up saving you money in the end.

Spaces with low ceilings

If the space you need to heat or cool has a lower ceiling, a ductless heat pump is a great choice. A ductless indoor unit is compact and can be mounted either on the ceiling or the wall. 

Historic or older homes

Historic homes or older homes often need to have their HVAC system updated. When that time comes, switching over to a ductless heat pump is a wise decision. You’ll have a fully updated home and get all of the benefits that a ductless heat pump has to offer. And, you’ll still maintain the look and feel that you love.

Homeowners wanting more temperature control for each room

It’s not uncommon for different family members to have different tastes when it comes to how warm or cold they like it in the house. When you have a ductless heat pump, you have ultimate control over each individual room so everybody can be happy.

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The best way to determine the cost to install a ductless heat pump in Olympia is to find a qualified heating and cooling professional to quote ductless heat pump costs. When you’re looking for a ductless professional, be sure to consider their reputation and what they have accomplished in the past. At Alpine ductless, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with a ductless heat pump that will meet all your needs at a cost that will fit your budget.

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