The Cost of a Ductless Heating and Cooling System in Olympia Washington

The ductless heat pump, also known as a mini-split system is a heating and cooling system that does not require any duct to cool or control the humidity in your room. This ductless system is one of the best options for homeowners in Olympia, Washington.

Ductless systems are much more compact compared to other heating and cooling systems. They’re composed of indoor and outdoor components plus a remote control to operate them. Refrigerant and communication lines connect the outdoor compressor to indoor fan coil through a small hole drilled in the exterior wall, and concealed from view with a conduit cover known as ‘line hide. In contrast to ducted systems, the mini-split system is completely ductless and more flexible.

Ductless Heat Pump Cost

As a homeowner, you probably want to know the average cost of a ductless heat pump before making a purchase. In Olympia, Washington, the cost of ductless heat pumps usually starts at about $8,000 (installation costs included). The price can increase with customer’s needs and depending on their choices.

The number of rooms in your home determines the type of ductless system you need. While a single zone ductless system can provide a comfort to an entire home, or just one room, a multi-zone system offers zonal control. Multi-zone systems can increase the cost of a system..

For the majority of conventional systems, regulation of temperature in a room requires various technologies such as an air conditioner for cooling and a furnace to provide heat. And, you’ll still need ducts for them to work. Fortunately, a ductless system doesn’t need excessive equipment to keep your home temperature at optimal levels.

It’s worth noting that the energy cost of a ductless heat pump will be lower compared to traditional systems providing the same results, and customers report saving up to 50% on utility bills.

Ductless systems with inverter technology offer better energy efficiency for less. With the rising costs of utility bills, ductless offers a better solution for your comfort.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to save around 50% on heating bills during winter?

Additional Benefits Of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

They’re Easier to Install

A ductless heat pump can be installed easily and quickly. You never have to worry about spending days or weeks installing and being highly inconvenienced as a result. In most cases, installation is completed in a day.

In other systems where ducts are involved, one takes several days to install. As if that’s not enough, precious space is wasted and you may be forced to tear up the floor or make huge, ugly holes on the walls. Plus, the ductwork results in about a 30% loss of energy as air travels through them.

Indoor Air Quality is Greatly Improved

Many studies show that in most buildings, indoor air quality is lower as compared to outdoor air. When using traditional temperature control solutions, professionals have to clean the ducts regularly. But even after cleaning, dirt still remains.

This problem is absent in split systems because of multistage filtration which significantly reduces harmful particles in the air such as allergens, pollen, bacteria, and dust, leaving your indoor air clean.

Ideal if You Need Flexibility

While traditional heating and cooling systems force air through ducts, split systems send conditioned air directly to positioned zones. What’s more, ductless heat pumps comprise several indoor units and one outdoor unit that only require mounting capabilities and a supply of electricity. With duct units, one has to contend with complex installation procedures.

Quiet Operation

Noise characterizes traditional HVAC systems. No one wants to endure the irritating noise day in, day out. Ductless systems eliminate this problem because they contain a technology that keeps sounds lower than a whisper. They also have features such as insulated compressor compartments to help keep the unit quiet.

We are proven Ductless Heating and Cooling Master Installers who have helped over 2,300 homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest in cities like Centralia, Chehalis and more! If you’d like to learn more about ductless heating and cooling systems or take advantage of the savings and have one installed by our team of experts, get in touch with us at Alpine Ductless today to schedule a free estimate.

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