Ductless Systems Versus Repairing Your Current System: A Cost Comparison

Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems are becoming a more popular option across North America. However, most still have homes with traditional unitary heating and cooling units. The data now shows that there are significant cost savings to be achieved when installing Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems, rather than repairing the original units. 

And within this latest post, we’ll explore the benefits of installing a ductless system compared with repairing and maintaining your current infrastructure.

Ducted Systems Are Inefficient

You might invest your money in a repair for your unitary system, but this system is significantly less energy efficient compared with ductless options. Once you’ve invested a large sum of money for the repair work, you’ll likely still be spending more money running your unitary system than you would a comparable ductless unit. And that is clear when you consider the data behind ductless heating and cooling costs. 

The latest data shows that you can cut your heating costs by up to 50% with a ductless system. That can mean significant year-round savings. And, unitary systems can lose up to 30% efficiency while heated or cooled air travels through ductwork. Higher efficiency equals lower costs.’

Quieter Operation

Traditional central heating and cooling equipment is loud and causes significant environmental disruption. These systems are controlled by an outdoor unit, which can be noisy when placed near home windows and doors. 

One of the key benefits of Ductless Systems is that they are operated by an inverter-driven compressor, which continuously adjusts to temperature demand and air flow. Plus, it is significantly quieter than traditional cooling and heating equipment. You’ll experience a calmer, more comfortable home environment.

Much Less Expensive to Install Than New Ducts

Another key cost consideration when comparing Ductless Heat Pumps to unitary systems is that ductless systems are much less expensive to install. So, if you do decide to upgrade your unit in the future, you’ll save more money by investing in a new ductless system compared with all of the costs that come with buying a new unitary heating system for the home. 

Ductless Technology Can Be Used With Existing Ductwork

Another system to analyze for those homeowners who wish to keep their existing ductwork in place while improving home efficiency is a ducted mini-split unit. Ducted mini-split systems allow you to achieve all the cost advantages of ductless technology while minimizing the need for a wall-mounted system within your living space. 

The ducted mini-split heat pump offers a more aesthetically-pleasing alternative. And with ductwork already in place, a mini-split system can also be a great alternative to a centralized HVAC setup. 

System Needs Can Be Determined by Load Calculations

One of the key challenges with some ductless units is achieving the ideal amount of airflow within a larger home. Because the ductless systems are smaller, they may not be able to produce the required amount of power to control the temperature in several rooms at once. And that’s why many are now considering the value of a ducted mini-split pump, which can be designed as a multi-zone system. 

This multi-zone system gives the installer the option of using one indoor unit per room or attaching the heat pump to the ductwork. The indoor air handler for the mini-split system does not require its own power source and draws power from the outdoor unit. 

Each unit can serve multiple rooms, but to ensure proper installation, contractors must run a room-by-room load calculation. That figure then determines the required number of units within the mini-split system. It’s a great way to capitalize on your existing ductwork while also reaping the benefits of ductless heating and cooling technology.

Turn to Alpine Ductless to Make an Informed Choice

When reviewing your ductless heating and cooling options, it’s important you work with a company known for its expertise in ductless systems. Alpine Ductless is a dedicated leader in ductless technology. We have decades of experience in installing ductless systems and have a comprehensive background in the maintenance and repair of ducted and ductless technology. 

To learn more about the latest ductless and mini-split technology across the industry, contact our trusted team today! We are proven Ductless Heating and Cooling Master Installers who have helped over 2,500 homeowners in Pierce County including Tacoma, Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Fox Island, University Place, Bonney Lake and more.

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