Breathe Easier With Your Ductless Heat Pump

When people think about their home’s heating and cooling system, they are mostly interested in being able to maintain comfortable temperatures. Systems that heat and cool adequately create a healthy environment for all. In the summer when temperatures can soar, it’s especially important that a home’s temperature stays within a safe range.

A home’s heating and cooling system can also impact health when it comes to air quality. The ability of the system to filter the air can play a significant role in the overall health of the home. Ductless systems, combined with an air purification system, can help to create a clean, healthy home environment.

People with compromised respiratory systems or severe allergies often believe that the air in their home is safer to breath than the air outdoors. Of course, that is true in most cases. But consider that every time you open a door or a window, air from outside comes into the home. Particles can enter through poorly sealed windows and doors. During “allergy season,” pollen always makes its way into houses.

Beyond pollen, smoke can impact our ability to breathe. When forest fires occur, fine, harmful particles can enter a home. Without adequate filtration, these contaminants can have a major impact on respiratory health.

Other pollutants caused by products off-gassing can further irritate our respiratory systems. Since a house is a “closed environment,” those particles stay in the home. Without any means to purify the air or filter out contaminants that enter the home, the air will remain unhealthy.

There are other factors that contribute to the quality of air indoors. Lifestyle habits, such as smoking, using a wood-burning stove, owning pets or even cooking with improper ventilation, can compromise home air quality. Combined with dust mites, dirt trapped by carpeting, pet dander and other contaminants, the air inside can become quite unhealthy!

But don’t worry! Air purifiers and ductless heat pumps can help you breathe easier.

Keep Your Air Clean With an Air Purifier and a Ductless Heating and Cooling System

Air purifiers can be the first line of defense for “scrubbing” the air of contaminants and other particles. They are designed to purify the air in a home by destroying harmful particles and contaminants. Some purifiers are free-standing, or can be attached directly to the fan coil of a ductless heat pump.

Ductless systems are a perfect partner for keeping the air quality in your home clean because air continuously circulates through washable filters.In a traditional HVAC system, dirty ductwork can distribute contaminated air throughout the house. By working alongside quality air purifiers, ductless heating and cooling systems help homeowners stay comfortable and breathe easier.

Clean it up with a ductless system from Alpine Ductless

Get comfortable and clean the air in your home! Contact us to talk about ductless heat pumps AND air purifiers today. We proudly install unparalleled comfort with Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems throughout the Pacific Northwest including Shelton, Union and Allyn-Grapeview!

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