Shelter, Don’t Swelter, with Ductless Air Conditioning

We’ve all been spending a lot more time indoors. While we shelter at home, the sanctuary that is our living place is having an identity crisis! Our rooms are turning into multipurpose rooms with multiple personalities. What was once a dining room now shares space as a home office or classroom. The living room is seeing more use as a yoga studio, gym or movie theater and the kitchen is filling the void of a beloved coffee shop or diner.

Create an Air-Conditioned Sanctuary

Keeping temperatures cool and comfortable this summer will be essential to maintain the serenity in your home sanctuary. Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling, has a product from industry leader, Daikin that will do just that. It’s called the VRV S-series system, bringing the cutting-edge of ductless heating and air conditioning into smaller applications like residential single-family homes and light commercial. With its versatile design and long piping lengths, the VRV S-series can accommodate almost any floor layout and allows for multiple floors to be served by one outside condenser.

Quiet Control

All indoor units of the VRV S-series come with fan speed control and are super quiet – as low as 28 decibels (think rustling leaves). And an important feature for residential use is the “night set” mode that can be set on site to function over a 9-hour period in which operating sound is greatly reduced, keeping those summer nights blissfully peaceful.

Flexible Installation and Advanced Zoning

Advanced zoning capabilities allow flexible floor-by-floor installation, so that each floor an be occupied upon completion. A VRV S-series system can connect up to 9 indoor fan coils in one system. In your home sanctuary, the temperature in every room or zone can be individually controlled to save energy. So, if you want to do hot yoga in the living room, turn that unit’s temperature up. If you prefer your bedroom chilly for a better night’s sleep, simply turn the thermostat of your bedroom unit down. That’s the awesome power of the VRV S-series.

Save your sanctuary from the summer swelter as you chill out with Daikin’s VRV S-series, and soak in all the serenity it provides. And,Tacoma Power Utilities has more good news! They are currently offering a $1,000 rebate or a zero interest loan for qualified installations. Learn more about Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling and Daikin’s VRV systems at

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