How Do Rebates Work for Ductless Heat Pumps in Washington?

All of us can work together to help reduce energy wastage. Luckily, most Washington utility companies offer impressive rebates for homeowners replacing inefficient heating systems with more efficient systems, such as ductless heating and cooling heat pumps. These energy rebate incentives are designed to prioritize energy savings in the state.

Depending on your location, you are sure to find rebates focused on helping you save electricity and in turn reduce the cost of your monthly energy bill. Here’s how rebates work for ductless heat pumps in Washington.

Why Does Washington State Offer Ductless System Rebates?

Washington state utilities offer large rebates for the installation of ductless heat pumps, as they are recognized by the state as highly efficient, green-energy heating and cooling systems. These systems help the energy-efficiency-leading state meet its goal to reduce energy consumption and conserve energy in every household. 

How to Apply for Rebates for Ductless Heat Pumps

Each local Washington utility company has its own process for ductless rebates. Generally speaking, homeowners typically need to contact their specific utility company to find out limitations and requirements to qualify for a rebate. In addition, homeowners must complete a form and file their rebate submission by a certain deadline. The form must be approved and processed before any rebate is given for a ductless heat pump in Olympia, WA.

How You Receive Your Ductless Rebate

Upon approval of the rebate submission, utilities generally send a ductless rebate in the form of a check by a certain time. This occurs after the installation of your ductless unit and once they’ve filed all of the paperwork. Again, how long it takes and the process used varies based on the utility company. One potential concern is that you have to make your payment upfront and then wait for your rebate check. This can be difficult to manage for many families.

Rebates with Alpine Ductless

At Alpine Ductless, we make the whole ductless rebate process easy. Instead of having to apply your rebate and wait for your check after the project’s complete, we do all the legwork for you. We find the most suitable rebate available in your area and we apply the deduction to your order. You can have your system installed and pay a reduced amount based on your rebate deduction.* The process includes three easy steps:

1. We find the best ductless rebate and prepare the rebate application, which you will sign before we submit it.

2. We deduct the rebate savings from your sales order up front. That way, you don’t have to process any paperwork, or wait for the reimbursement. We do that for you so you can enjoy instant savings!

3. Our technicians install your ductless system and our office goes to work gathering and submitting the necessary rebate paperwork to the appropriate utility company or manufacturer.

Your family starts reaping the benefits of your new system, and we take care of the rest.

*Please note that not all utilities have the same requirements. In the event that we are unable to file the rebate for you, we will provide all the necessary paperwork to make the process as easy as possible.

We can help you find the most savings available for your area. Contact the rebate experts here or call us at (360) 615-2740 to learn more about instant rebate savings!

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