Mitsubishi vs Panasonic Heat Pump

Finding the best heating and cooling system for your home can be confusing. With so many types of systems and so many brands, it can make it hard to determine where you will get the most bang for your buck. Because a major consideration is energy efficiency, a heat pump system is most likely to provide the best energy savings. Here we compare two of the best heat pump brands with a Mitsubishi vs Panasonic Heat Pump overview to help you make the right decision.

Why are Heat Pumps the Best Choice?

Ductless heat pump systems consist of an outdoor unit containing a compressor and condenser and an indoor unit(s) to manage the air throughout the home. They are connected with a series of tubing and cables and do not require ducts at all. The two-way system takes warm air from a room to cool it or cold air from outside to make it warmer. They offer many benefits including:

  • Affordable operation with excellent energy savings
  • Easy to install
  • Ductless installation
  • Adaptable to any space
  • Remote controlled for easy adjustment
  • Individual room control

The system’s indoor units have a very shallow profile of no more than seven inches, so they work well in any setting. Ductless Systems are the best choice to keep the temperature consistent in your home. Using inverter technology, you avoid inconsistent temperature variations commonly noticed with conventional heating systems.

With the help of varying speed compressors, the systems easily deliver the optimum amount of refrigerant. Also, they don’t blast air in one spot, but instead, keep air distribution even throughout the room. Although energy savings are a big selling point, the improved comfort throughout the home is one of the biggest benefits of the heat pump ductless system.

Why We Install Mitsubishi Vs Panasonic 

One of the best heat pump brands is Mitsubishi. While many installers choose Panasonic, we find Mitsubishi’s Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i) technology uses an enhanced compressor system that works even when temperatures drop as low as -13° F. Many other brands require supplemental heat sources when the weather hits these lows because heat pumps extract heat from outdoor air and bring it inside to heat your home.

While this might seem odd, even cold air can produce heat. However, not all heat pumps do this efficiently. Thanks to Start technology, Mitsubishi easily provides warm air instantly. All this while the inverter zoning systems focus on only delivering the amount of hot air needed so the system remains energy efficient.

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Benefits

Mitsubishi heat pumps offer many benefits, including:

  • Top selling brand in America
  • Sleek designs
  • Comparable warranties
  • Top performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Super quiet
  • SEER ratings as high as 24.8
  • HSPF rating as much as 12.8
  • Adaptable, immediate delivery of hot air when needed even in temperatures as low as -13° F

When you are in the market for a new ductless heating system, we highly recommend Mitsubishi to our customers. Contact us to find out which Ductless Heating system is right for you.

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