Mini-Split Winter Tips: Help Your Ductless System Do Its Job

If you have a ductless mini-split heat pump system in your Washington home, you are already enjoying the benefits of an efficient heating and cooling solution. Your system uses refrigerant to transfer heat energy, so it produces heat and warms your home very efficiently. Also, because it is ductless, you don’t lose any heat through the ducts because the warm air is delivered straight to your rooms. However, despite all these benefits, you can help your mini-split do its job even better, using these mini-split winter tips.

Know When to Use Your Backup Heating Source

This fall and winter, your mini-split heat pump will be your main source of heat. Your mini-split can usually heat to a low outdoor temp of -5 degrees or in some cases lower. Its efficiency keeps your home comfortable on its own most of the time. However, on those extremely cold days, if you feel your ductless system needs a boost, you can run your backup heating system in addition to or instead of it. Although running only your ductless system will be the most efficient, adding a backup heating system on the coldest of days is okay, too. It ultimately depends on your comfort preference.

Set Your Temperature Higher

Most standard heating systems have thermostats on the wall just below eye level. This means they read the room temperature in the area where you will be sitting. Since the sensors for your mini-split indoor units are up higher, they are reading the temperature a little higher up, where heat rises. 

As a result, they tend to read the room temperature slightly higher than it actually may be. In addition to the rest of these mini-split winter tips, you can aim for slightly higher temperature settings to keep the room at optimal comfort levels. Test different temperatures to see when you hit the sweet spot and use that as your target temperature.

Set It and Forget It

The beauty of the mini-split is you can find your ideal temperature and then use the fan on AUTO to keep your room warm. If you aim the air at the floor, the variable speed fan automatically adjusts so you can enjoy the perfect temperature consistently. You don’t need to worry about resetting it at night or when you go off to work and can just set it and forget it. You’ll get more efficiency this way unless you’re going to be away for a few days. Then you can adjust it to lower temperatures to save on heating costs.

Conduct Regular Ductless Maintenance

In addition to these mini-split winter tips, any heating system requires maintenance to keep it working efficiently. You should be arranging for maintenance checks once every two years with your ductless heat pump professionals. There are also some things you can do yourself, including:

  • Clean your indoor filters once a month (Many units actually have a warning light that goes on to tell you when it’s time for cleaning, so keep an eye out for the light.)
  • Clear your outdoor unit of ice and snow after a snowfall
  • Check your outdoor unit regularly for other debris such as branches and leaves

These checks will keep your units humming all fall and winter long. A noticeable increase in utility bills can be a warning the unit is working too hard because it’s dirty.

Last but not least, in rooms with sun exposure, keep the curtains open so the sun can help heat up rooms naturally. This helps give your energy use a break while putting less pressure on your mini-split from doing all the work.

Want to keep your system running smoothly? In addition to using these mini-split winter tips, we’ll teach you how to maintain your system so it lasts for many years to come. Contact Alpine Ductless to schedule a maintenance check today.

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