How The Cost of a Heat Pump Pays You Back

The results are in! According to a study commissioned by utility service, Tacoma Power, the latest data proves you can cut your heating costs up to 50% with a ductless system. Since ductless systems also provide air conditioning as a bonus, this means significant year-round saving while heating/cooling your residence.

Homes heated with cable ceiling heat, wall heaters or baseboard heaters are notorious for their high electric bills in the winter and their uncomfortable dry air feel. Rising temperatures in spring and summer require an additional air conditioning system that is often inefficient and noisy. Ductless systems offer beautiful design, quiet efficiency, comfort, climate control and easy installation…. all while saving you money! So how does a Ductless Heat Pump put money back in your wallet?

Ductless Versus the Competition

Tacoma Power ran the numbers by comparing the cost of heating with baseboard electric heat verses electric ductless heat. The study took place at the Habitat for Humanity development, The Woods in Parkland. All the homes were outfitted with both heating types, so the utility company could switch between the two sources every week and measure the difference in energy consumption. The data revealed that ductless systems used less energy, saving many residents up to $307.00 a year on power bills. According to a Tacoma Power Energy Conservation specialist, “(with a ductless) you get a much more efficient heating system and homeowners that are much more comfortable.”

But Tacoma Power is not the only one singing the praises of a ductless system. Clark County Public Utilities estimates customers save about 30 percent on their electric heating costs when they switch from zonal heaters to a ductless heat pump. Energy Services Supervisor, DuWayne Dunham, stated, “For those homeowners, the modest investment in a ductless heat pump will lower their energy bills and significantly improve their home’s comfort.” Hmmm…comfort and energy-efficiency seem to be common words used by energy specialists across counties when describing ductless heat pumps.

Ductless systems are highly efficient, typically using 25-50% less energy than baseboard heaters or electric forced-air furnaces. Modern ductless systems have extremely good Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios, or SEER, between 16 and 33, and Heat Season Performance Factors, or HSPF, that range from 9 to 14 or greater. What this means in layman’s terms is that in most heating/cooling systems you must choose between comfort or efficiency savings. With a ductless, you get both.

Energy Efficiency Means Savings

How exactly does a ductless heat pump’s energy usage dramatically lower a homeowner’s energy bills? Simple. A ductless works smarter! A central HVAC system can do one thing, which is to bring an entire building to the desired temperature. A ductless system is more cost effective because you can control the temperature on a room-by-room or zone-by-zone basis. Ductless heating/cooling allows homeowners to heat or cool only the rooms they want to, which makes a big difference in energy expenditures. What’s more, the ductless system eliminates the loss of heat that occurs when air travels through ducts. Energy Star estimates as much as 30 percent of a home’s heat is lost through leaky ductwork.

Quick Return on Long Term Investment

It’s important to realize the long-term savings of owning a ductless system. Like investing in a new roof, or energy efficient windows, the cost of going ductless may seem daunting at first. Typically, the utility savings will cover the cost of the new system in as little as three to five years, with the unit’s lifespan lasting as much as 20 years. And if installed by a certified company the warranty for parts, and in some cases labor, can be as much as 12 years. Why not enjoy the perks of climate comfort while increasing your home’s resale value in the process? Also, a ductless system means low maintenance fees, with filters that last a lifetime and can be easily kept in good condition by the homeowner.

Just rinse the filter under the tap, and you’re good to go.

Ductless System Installation Savings and Rebates

The ductless installation process is quick, often taking a morning or afternoon to complete. Less hassle means less costs to install, more savings for the homeowners. And because it is so energy efficient, many local utility companies offer substantial rebates to those choosing ductless, rewarding customers for their environmental stewardship. A “comfort specialist” at Alpine Ductless can help you locate both utility and manufacturer rebates in their area, process the rebate, and deduct the rebate amount from your invoice. We do the work; you reap the benefits. It’s a win-win for all!

Alpine Ductless Gives Back to the Community

At Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling our goal is to help you assess and provide the best system for heating and cooling your home. But helping our local communities in whatever manner we can is also important to our business. Alpine Ductless offers discounts on installation of ductless units for Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity newly constructed homes and those built by South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity.

We are honored to align ourselves with such a notable non-profit as Habitat for Humanity who provides comfortable homes for so many in need.

Alpine Ductless is a certified Master Installer with the Northwest Ductless Project. We proudly serve the Pierce, Thurston, Mason and Lewis County areas. Give us a call for a free estimate!

We are proven Ductless Heating and Cooling Master Installers who have helped over 2,500 homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest in cities like Centralia, Chehalis and more!

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