How Can You Find a Ductless Rebate In Your Area?

Energy consumption is not only costly for families trying to make ends meet. It is also costly for the environment. Washington state is committed to finding ways to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by encouraging more people to choose green energy. In your home, green-energy heating and cooling systems like ductless heating and cooling heat pumps are an excellent option. 

In fact, Washington state utility companies, as well as heat pump manufacturers, offer excellent ductless rebate incentives for homeowners to replace their inefficient HVAC systems with a newer, energy-efficient model. Here’s how you can find a ductless rebate for ductless heat pumps in Washington. And, better yet, if you’d prefer not to go through the whole process on your own, here’s how Alpine Ductless manages the entire rebate process for you.  

Find Top Ductless Heat Pump Rebates in Washington State

You can find significant rebates for your ductless heat pump in Olympia and throughout the state of Washington with the help of your utility company. Here are a list of links for where you can find current ductless rebate offers by utility company:

If you are unsure of which utility company is yours, you can search by your zip code using this tool here. Or, if you’d prefer not to do the searching on your own, work with Alpine Ductless. We’ll find the best rebate option applicable to you and manage the entire rebate process for you. 

Finding a Manufacturer Ductless Heating and Cooling Rebate

Ductless heating and cooling unit manufacturers also provide ductless rebates on their systems from time to time. Daikin and Mitsubishi, two of the leading ductless system manufacturers, provide more information about their current rebate offers here: 

It’s best to work with an experienced ductless system contractor to determine the best system for your home. At Alpine Ductless, we can help identify a unit that fits your needs and then find and apply any manufacturer rebates that apply. 

Simplifying the Rebate Process

If you choose to manage the ductless rebate process on your own, you first need to find what rebates are available. Next, you’ll need to apply for your rebate. This process takes place after your ductless installation, which means you need to ensure you apply within the deadline set by the utility company or manufacturer. In addition, you will likely need to pay for the ductless installation up front, and then be reimbursed once your rebate application has been approved. 

The good news is, that at Alpine Ductless, we do the work for you. We understand how complicated it can get going through the rebate process. We also understand that not all homeowners have the cash upfront to cover the costs of the purchase and installation. A quick call to our experts will provide you with a quote on your ductless system. 

Once you find the right system for your needs, we’ll take care of the rebate application process. Better yet, we’ll deduct the rebate from your sales purchase price, so you get your savings up front without waiting for a check*! Nothing could be easier.

*Please note that not all utilities have the same requirements. In the event that we are unable to file the rebate for you, we will provide all the necessary paperwork to make the process as easy as possible.

Contact the rebate experts or call us at (360) 615-2740 to learn more about instant rebate savings!

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