Why Ductless Is The Answer To Olympia’s Spring Temperature Changes

While people generally look forward to the spring season, for residents in Olympia, it can also be an unpredictable period. Spring is a transitional time, so while things will warm up, and lead to hot, pleasant, summer days, there can be a lot of back and forth between seasonal extremes before summer comes to stay.

The unpredictable spring temperatures are a great reason for Olympia homeowners to invest in a ductless heating and cooling system. Here’s why:

Hot & Cold Spots

One of the biggest issues with centralized heating or cooling is that the temperature is read from just one area; the room the thermostat is located in. This means that unless you have a perfectly airtight home, with optimized air circulation, it’s going to be impossible for every room to be the same temperature as other rooms. The result is, as things get cooler, or hotter during spring, different rooms will feel different, even though the thermostat indicates the house is at the desired temperature.

However, with ductless heating and cooling, this is no longer an issue. Every room you want can have an individual ductless unit installed, and that means every room can be set to its own individual temperature. For example, if you have zones in your home that get a lot of sunlight, you can set the temperature lower so they are not as overwhelmingly hot. Additionally, you can focus more heat on zones that are shady, cool spots so your home remains comfortable throughout.

Better Air Quality

One of the big hazards of spring is that it’s also the season of allergies. You’d think that staying indoors would keep you safe, but with centralized heating, this is not necessarily the case. Depending on the type of heating you have, and the state of your ducts and filters, allergens can be drawn into the home, and can even be lodged in air ducts. This means that every time the heat turns on, those allergens are now blown around the house.

However, with ductless systems, every room has its own filter. Also, because there’s no centralized distribution, allergens can’t get tucked away in ducts only to circulate throughout the entire home every time the forced air system starts up. In other words, your air quality is better and healthier.

More Efficient Heating

Not only do ductless systems save you money and time when it comes to the infrastructure and hardware involved, it saves you money when it goes into operation. The ability to selectively heat or cool any room you like means you don’t pay the same amount in energy bills as a furnace that must heat the entire home every time it comes on.

The lack of ducts also means that you lose a big culprit in energy efficiency. You can have the highest energy efficient furnace in your home, but if your ducts aren’t properly maintained and cleaned, that energy efficiency isn’t getting all the way into your rooms. This means a much quieter, more efficient way to both heat and cool your home in the spring, sometimes even both if you need it!

If the unpredictable spring weather in Olympia has you looking for new heating and cooling options, contact Alpine Ductless today and learn more about ductless heating and cooling systems.

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