Do Ductless Heat Pumps Purify Air?

Whether your family suffers from allergies, or you just want to feel confident knowing the air in your home is as pure as possible, finding an air-purifying solution is challenging. As a result, many homeowners are asking the question, “Do heat pumps purify the air?” The answer to this question is that heat pumps alone filter the air, and, with the addition of an installed purifier, they also purify the air. Here’s more information about the difference between filtered and purified air and why clean air is important to your health. 

What’s the Difference Between Filtered and Purified Air? 

Although the terms seem similar, filtering air and purifying air are two different things. 

Air filtration is the process of trapping and removing dust particles and air-borne allergens (such as pet dander, etc.). With the variable speed inverter technology in ductless heat pumps, the air is always moving through your home. Because heat pumps are running constantly, they continuously trap those particles and thus ‘filter’ the air.

Air purification, on the other hand, is the process of cleaning the air by emitting something that neutralizes toxins and odors. Although heat pumps don’t have a built-in air purifier, we recommend installing an in-duct, ductless, or portable air purifier (such as the iWave or RGF REME HALO) to clean or purify the air.

Why You Need Filtered Air From Ductless Heat Pumps

Air filtered by your ductless heat pump and purified by an air purifier add-on offers many health benefits, including:

  • Cleaner Air: According to the EPA, indoor air is on average two to five times dirtier than outdoor air, with a risk of getting as bad as 100 times dirtier in some buildings.
  • Reduced Odors: All the odors built up in your home from cooking to pets and smoking to old carpets can be reduced with air purifiers.
  • Decreased Allergens: Air filters trap airborne allergens found in the home from pet dander to dust and pollen to mold spores.
  • Neutralized Smoke: Whether you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, the smell of smoke can leave odors in the home that cling to your soft surfaces. Air purifiers can reduce smoke residue.
  • Trapped Airborne Bacteria: Air purifiers can trap up to 99% of airborne bacteria that can cause illness. This has become top of mind with the arrival of COVID-19.
  • Improved Lung Health: Clean air helps promote lung health.

Purified air is essential to your health, and a ductless heat pump with an added-on purifier unit is one way among other tactics to ensure your home’s air is being filtered and purified correctly and efficiently.

Helps Reduce Allergens

We’ve listed this as a benefit already, but it is important to explain how your ductless heat pump helps reduce allergens. The small and low-profile stature of heat pumps make them easy to clean, so by properly maintaining your unit on a regular basis, you continue to improve how efficiently allergens are removed from the air. By having easy access to clean your heat pump, you keep your air allergen and dust-free so that you can enjoy breathing easier.

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