How Ductless Heating and Cooling Works in Multiple Rooms

Is it possible to heat and cool a multi-room space with one single-zone ductless heat pump? The simple answer is yes!

How a Ductless Heat Pump Works

Let’s start by understanding how a basic ductless heat pump works. There are three simple components: 

1) The Outdoor Unit 

2) The Refrigerant and Communication Lines 

3) An Indoor Unit

The physical property of heat exchange is that heat energy naturally wants to move to areas with lower temperatures and less pressure. Refrigerant that changes properties, expands and evaporates, is cycled through the indoor and outdoor units to facilitate the exchange of heat energy. The process behaves one way in heat mode and is reversed in air conditioning mode. If you’d like to delve into the nitty-gritty of the process, do a search of the refrigeration cycle to learn more.

How Ductless Heat Pumps Create Continuous Comfort

how ductless heating and cooling systems

Because a ductless heat pump constantly adjusts to temperature, rather than coming up to temperature and shutting off, the cycle never stops. The result is continuous comfort.

So, in a home with proper air flow, it is possible to heat or cool the entire home with one single zone unit because the system is continuously engaged in transferring heat energy and circulating treated air throughout the home. In fact, we can cool and heat our entire 1300 square foot, ranch-style home with one single-zone system. That includes the hallway, a bathroom and two bedrooms.

Multi-zoned versus Single-zoned Ductless Heat Pump

When deciding on a single-zone system verses a multi-zone system with additional indoor units, consider whether you are comfortable with an ‘open door’ policy. That is, if you are comfortable with leaving the doors to your bedrooms or other rooms open, then a properly sized single zone unit may be for you. We like to leave our bedroom doors open at night to keep the air circulating and as fresh as possible while we’re sleeping.

Just remember that if the air can’t flow to a room, it will remain at ambient temperatures. 

Using a single-zone system to heat and cool an entire home where air flows openly is entirely possible. The choice is up to the homeowner. When it comes to heating and cooling your home, see what choices you have with ductless!

Alpine Ductless is Here to Help You Find the Right Ductless System for You

We are dedicated to helping our Ductless Customers in the Pacific Northwest find the system that will work best for them and their family. Contact us today to get the conversation started and explore the benefits of unparallel comfort and lower utility costs with a Ductless Heating and Cooling System.

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