Experience the Best Air Conditioning with a Ductless System

Sticky, sweaty, clammy, stifling…These are NOT adjectives you want describing how you feel hanging out in your home this summer. And with sheltering still a way of life for many, you deserve to be as comfortable as possible when temperatures spike. That’s why, here at Alpine Ductless, we’re proud to offer you the best air conditioning of your life…a ductless heat pump that also delivers the best heating system when the weather turns chilly. A ductless system is non-invasive, maintaining a consistent temperature in one’s home more efficiently and cost effectively than any other traditional air conditioning (or heating) system on the market.

I recently took an unofficial poll of friends and associates and asked them what attribute would be most important to them when shopping for a superior air conditioning system. I got a lot of feedback on what folks didn’t like about their current air conditioners: The noise, cost to operate, dry air currents, slow to offer relief, etc. Most answers dealt with the comfort – or lack of comfort – factor.

Ductless Cooling-Number One in Comfort

When people switch from traditional to ductless cooling, they often tell us that they had no idea this level of comfort existed. It’s like going from a basic ’65 Volkswagen Beetle to a 2020 Tesla.

They were somewhat satisfied with their ol’ VW until they were able to experience all the bells and whistles a Tesla had to offer. Unparalleled comfort is what sets a ductless apart.

Working Smarter, Not Harder for Absolute Comfort

If you want relief from the inferno outside, a ductless system will give you that ‘24/7’. A traditional system can only operate at 100% of capacity or nothing, blasting on or shutting off. A ductless system is most efficient when it runs 24 hours a day. Because of variable speed technology, a ductless heating and cooling system constantly adjusts the temperature in a room, within two degrees, so there is no demand to throw things into high gear to cool it. The result is that you will always have a pleasant environment to escape to, day or night.

A Gentle Current of Cool

Since a ductless system is working steadily, it doesn’t have to “blast” the air like a traditional system. Best to illustrate this are the noisy window-rattler air conditioning units that expend a lot of energy to move air and, as a result, force a channel of dry air directly into a room. Ductless units have adjustable louvers to direct the air up, down and side to side, so the cool air is not blowing on you, but circulating gently throughout the room.

Ductless Cooling-Serious Health Benefits

Cut the Noise

Noise pollution can cause sleep disturbances that can eventually affect our health. Ductless cooling systems are much quieter than traditional systems. The sounds emanating from ductless units inside the home are often compared to the hushed sounds of rustling leaves. At full force, the units emit a pleasant white noise. Outside the home, the sound level of the outdoor ductless heat pump measures between 25-52 decibels as compared to traditional heat pumps that measure 82 decibels or more. A quieter system translates into a more peaceful day and restful night.

Breathe Easier

A ductless cooling system is better for your health than a traditional system so you can literally breathe easier. A ductless heating and cooling system constantly circulates the air through its filtering system pulling dust, allergens, smoke, smog, and other irritants from the air, greatly improving air quality inside the home. With a traditional system, the circulating air is traveling through expensive-to-replace filters and ductwork where dirt and debris often build up, redistributing these contaminants throughout the house.

Ductless Cooling- Outstanding Value

High energy-efficiency equals lower costs

It’s stop-go versus steady. It’s the hare versus the tortoise. It’s another car analogy! Imagine an energy-efficient gas-sipping car cruising through the roundabouts versus a gas-guzzling V8, stopping and starting at every intersection. The energy-efficient car is constantly sipping, not sucking energy whereas the guzzler requires a lot of energy to get up and running when the stop light turns green. Like the energy-efficient gas-sipping car, a ductless system can cool a home faster, and for less than traditional air conditioning units because it’s always on, sipping energy and distributing the cool air conditioning in a steady manner.

Zoned Control

A central HVAC system often has to bring an entire building to a desired temperature. A ductless system can be more cost effective because you can control the temperature on a room-by-room or zone-by-zone basis. For example, the ductless air conditioner in the room that I exercise in is set to cool down to 66 degrees. The unit in my living room where I’m not working is running at 74. Ductless cooling allows homeowners to cool only the rooms or zones they choose to, which is more efficient and makes a big difference in energy costs.

No Expensive Replacement Filters Required

The ductless system’s filters are guaranteed for a lifetime, and something the homeowner can easily maintain just by rinsing under the tap. Traditional systems are more labor intensive and costly to maintain, often requiring a professional to clean and service them, as well as have the ductwork cleaned. We do recommend getting a Peace of Mind tune up annually to keep an eye on the system, give it a little cleaning and prevent any problems that might arise not be covered by our standard Gold Service Guarantee. Returning to that car analogy, it’s just like getting annual preventative maintenance checks and oil changes on your new car

Rebates and Rewards

Utility companies love the energy savings ductless air conditioning provides, and rewards customers with rebates and other incentives to make the switch from less energy-efficient heating and cooling methods. Also, our industry-leading manufacturers, like Daikin, offer manufacturer rebates and amazing warranties.

The savings add up!

Ductless Cooling- Number One in Convenience 

The consultants at Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling are experts at designing the best system for your needs, and consultation appointments are always free. We work tirelessly to zero in on the best products and design of installation and we offer options from three of the top manufacturers of ductless heating and air conditioning on the market today…Daikin, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi.

Get Relief Now

With easy installation that can often take less than a day, you could be enjoying a more comfortable, air-conditioned home environment in no time. Alpine Ductless has provided the air conditioning (and heating) to over 2,500 customers in the Pierce, Thurston, Mason and Lewis County areas since 2012.

Contact us for a free estimate.

We proudly install Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems for homeowners like you in Pierce County including Tacoma, Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Fox Island, University Place, Bonney Lake and more.

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