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Installers, service technicians and
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Great Opportunity with a Fast-Growing
Ductless Heat Pump Contractor

Alpine Ductless is a fast growing contractor in the heating and cooling industry.  We specialize in ductless heat pumps - a proven technology for over 40 years that is taking off here in the Northwest. 

 Whether you are new to the HVAC industry or have years of experience, we're looking for a new team member to help grow our installation team. This is a full-time position. You'll be working with customers to make their homes and businesses more comfortable and to save money.   

Best candidate will be:

Best Candidate will be:

  • Eager to learn and motivated to be part of a great team
  • Professional and positive
  • Customer-oriented

Must have:

Must have:

  • Personal integrity
  • Desire to help customers
  • Commitment to solving problems
alpine ductless service contractor

Send resumes to
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Ready to find success by going ductless?

Ready to find success by going ductless?