When Is the Best Time to Go Ductless?

Many people are more familiar with HVAC heating that involves a furnace in the basement, a condenser outside, and a network of ventilation ducts running into every room in the home. But there’s an alternative to this type of heating and cooling known as ductless heating.

With ductless heating, you don’t need to worry about building ventilation ducts into the house, which can save you considerable expenses. The air quality control is also better with ductless heating, so you can see why more and more people are making the switch. But is there a right time to go with ductless heating? Let’s look at your options.

Going Hybrid with Heating

A ductless system is perfect when you’re trying to reclaim certain spaces in your home, and you already have an HVAC system installed. The attic, for example, is one of the most common areas of a house that offers plenty of room, with a lot of great potential for value-added space. However, vents are almost never built to pump processed air into the attic. So if you want to use the area in the summer or winter, you’ll need a noisy window A/C unit or an electricity-hungry space heater to keep the attic comfortable. The same is true for an attached “sun room” or other space by the side of the house.

Installing a ductless heating system in these rooms will give you a new room in your house that can be used all year round. It’s the perfect solution for places that didn’t get the benefit of HVAC ventilation when the house was built or renovated.

Heating a Historical Home

Older homes often don’t have HVAC ventilation installed and may rely on much older, less efficient systems, such as radiators. Due to their older construction and heating systems, installing an HVAC system would mean tearing up the floors, walls, and ceilings to build a ventilation duct system, which is a huge expense.

In these situations, ductless heating not only gives you the environmental control you’re looking for, but it also spares you from needless disruptions and costs that come from removing a legacy floor just to build out some ducts.

A ductless heating system will be far less expensive than stripping a home to its studs, installing vents, and repairing the damage. You can easily have units installed where necessary and begin enjoying your heated and historic home.

Buying a New Home

If you’re having a home built for you, now is the perfect time to consider the best heating infrastructure. Opting for a ductless heating system right from the start will save you money. When it’s combined with wise energy-efficient investments such as proper insulation, you don’t need to draw on additional resources like natural gas. You’ll also be able to control the temperature in individual rooms! So, your home will be comfortable in the places that need heat, and you’ll be operating an efficient, cost-effective home.

Installing Ductless Heating? Come to the Experts

Ductless heating is our specialty, and we can make it happen in your home. Contact Alpine Ductless, and tell us about your needs.  We’ll set you up with a free consultation, see where your house stands, and find the best ductless heating solution for you! We proudly Install unparalleled comfort with Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems throughout the Pacific Northwest in Mason County including Shelton, Union and Allyn-Grapeview and more!

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