Summer Heat Advisory… Local Utility Rebates to the Rescue!

It’s here…That unrelenting summer sun of August. This year, we’ve had a gradual and pleasant build-up to the 90 degree temperatures that are predicted. Even so, nothing really prepares you for those days that feel almost dangerously hot! If you’ve planned ahead, and had a ductless heat pump installed, you’re in great shape! You’ll be ready for the winter winds in our future.

But it’s never too late to install a ductless heat pump, and with rebates available from local utilities, it’s more affordable! Rebate information can be tricky, and individual eligibility has to be determined by several factors, depending on which utility you’re in. At Alpine, we’ve become somewhat of an expert at rebates that are available, so we offer the rebate savings up front! So, no wading through paper work, we do it for you!

Here are some of the local utility rebates available in the South Puget Sound area. Please keep in mind that many individual factors apply to eligibility, and some systems may not be apply for a rebate. However, we search for the best solution for the lowest cost.

Tacoma Power customers-Tacoma Power offers an $800 rebate to homeowners who heat with electricity only. You can have gas to your home, but it cannot be for heating purposes. Tacoma Power also has a great loan program to customers with a good payment history with the utility. They offer a 0% low interest loan up to $2850 for 7 years. On one of our systems that heats and cools around 1,000 square feet, that’s about $7 a week! Tacoma Power also offers to grants to qualified low-income customers who own and occupy their homes. Good news, manufactured homes qualify!

PSE customers-People who heat their homes with electricity and have NO gas meter to their homes are eligible for $1200. In addition, there are rebates based on efficiency tiers (don’t worry, we know this stuff) available for homes with natural gas or other sources of energy. These rebates apply to manufactured homes and up to 4 connected home units. And, we offer 3.9% six-month same as cash financing, on available credit!

Northwest Energy COLD CASH FOR POWER-This rebate is available to Thurston County residents who have oil, propane or wood as their primary heat source; AND, (landlords take note) for rental homes that heat with electricity. At Alpine, we can even combine the PSE rebate and the Northwest CC for P rebate for a whopping $2200 off electrically heated rental homes up to 4 units!

Mason PUD 1 and 3-These utilities both offer $800 off for resistance heat users and $1200 off for electric forced air users; each utility has unique qualifiers for their rebates.

Peninsula Light-Offer of $1000 off ductless heat pumps for customers with electric resistance or forced air

Seattle City Lights-$1200 off ductless heat pumps for customers with zonal or forced air.

So, as you can see, there are many ways to save. Alpine Ductless specializes in Ductless Heat Pumpsand we have helped over 1,500 customers enjoy cool summers and warm winters since 2012, with a monthly savings in utility bills of up to 50%! We consider ourselves the Ductless Experts in the South Puget Sound and Kitsap Peninsula area.

Alpine Ductless is a locally owned. Please give us a call, or shoot us an email to find out more and start saving today!

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