Stay Cool This Summer with a Ductless Heat Pump

Contrary to the myth of perpetual rain, it can get pretty warm here in the Northwest in the summer months. Have you ever stood in front of your refrigerator on a hot day, trying to cool off but telling yourself you really weren’t wasting energy, you were looking for that leftover tub of coleslaw from last week’s barbecue?

A much better option for beating the summer heat while increasing the comfort and efficiency of your winter heating system is installing a ductless heat pump. Ductless heat pumps not only keep you warm and cozy in our northwest winters, but cool you off when our glorious, but warm, summers arrive. They are also a great way to cool a second story in homes that tend to heat up fast in the summer months. And don’t forget, if you’re upgrading from electric resistance heating, you may qualify for one of the rebates being offered by most utility companies.

So, why upgrade your existing heating system?

  • Every system comes standard with A/C. Ahhhhh…
  • Energy savings. This is money in your pocket! Who doesn’t like that? Most folks save 25% to 50% on their heating bills.
  • Low cost, easy installation. No ductwork is needed
  • Rebates are available for qualified installations. More money in your pocket!

With a ductless heat pump you can stay cool this summer AND increase the comfort of your home, spend less money and save energy on heating this winter. No more excuses for standing in front of that open fridge, coleslaw or not.

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