So, What is a Mini-Split???

A “Mini-Split” might sound like something that happens when you try to squeeze yourself into a pair of too-small skinny jeans. Or maybe it calls to mind a gymnastic move performed by the not-so-flexible. But in the world of HVAC, a Mini-Split is nothing to be embarrassed about, and definitely not sub-par. In fact it is something to aspire to!  

A Mini-Split is just another name for a Ductless Heating and Cooling System. 

You may have heard the terms “Mini-Split”, “Multi-Split” or even “Variant Refrigerant Flow Heat Pump System”.  (That last one it a mouthful).  In fact, all of these terms refer to Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems and are just different names for the same thing.   

As you explore the world of Ductless Heat Pumps, you may find yourself learning all kinds of new terms. Outdoor units, indoor units, condenser units, air exchangers, heads.  Don’t worry, you don’t need a dictionary to figure this stuff out, or even google. We can help you keep it all straight.

And really all you need to know is these units are super efficient, quiet, easy to install and maintain, comfortable AND can save you a load of money on your heating and cooling bills!  We are happy to show you this data in real numbers, just call us today to learn more and schedule a free in-home estimate. 

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