Rentals, Rebates, and Cost-Reductions

Most rental property owners are always on the lookout for cost-effective upgrades to make their property more attractive to prospective renters and keep existing renters, well renting.

Features offered to potential renters often include such basic items as a washer and dryer, oven, and dishwasher (ho-hum) to more jazzy-sounding enticements like access to a community center and pool, weight and work-out rooms, free wi-fi, tanning salons, etc. Rental properties that can offer a long list of attractive amenities can command higher monthly rents, which increases the profitability of owning that rental, right?!

While all apartments and rental homes are equipped with a system to provide basic heat via baseboard, in-wall or central forced air units, few can boast air-conditioning. And even if you’re providing your renters with air-conditioning, it may be in the form of a noisy, window-mounted unit that keeps your renters up at night! And, ground-level, window-mounted units can offer easy access to intruders…not safe for your renters, and could result in costly repairs for you.

So, if you have been up at night, wondering how you could make your rental properties more attractive to renters, keep satisfied renters AND increase your profitability, then consider updating your property with a ductless heating and air-conditioning system. Here are the considerable advantages of installing a ductless system in your rental property:

Heating and cooling in one unit

  • Usually, there is no need to keep the old system as a ‘backup’

Easy retro-fit

  • No ductwork and very little handiwork. Just a 3-inch capped hole on an outside wall, some line set to house the cables and refrigerant tubes, and an indoor unit. No fuss, no mess, and safer than a window-mounted unit!
  • One-day installation (with exceptions) and turn-key service

Easy maintenance

  • Ductless systems are easy to clean! Check out our maintenance video to learn more.

Better for renters

  • Ductless systems filter the air to help people breathe easier
  • Ductless systems are quiet! No more sleep-deprived renters!
  • Ductless systems provide clean, comfortable heating and air-conditioning for about half the monthly cost of traditional systems

And, if those incentives still didn’t convince you, ductless systems

Increase profitability

  • Apartments and homes that offer heating and air-conditioning can command higher rents
  • Happy renters will stay longer
  • Ductless systems are safe…no risk of fire and costly repairs

They’re more affordable than ever

  • In some areas, utility rebates can be combined with other rebates and our low,3.9% financing
  • We are the experts in rebates and incentives. We even help you with the paperwork OR do it for you! Check out our rebates page, or call one of our knowledgeable consultants 360 529 7567 or 253 381 3743

And remember, happy renters are likely to stay longer! How great is that?! So, landlords, what are you waiting for? It’s going to be a long, hot summer, and then, Winter’s coming! Funny how that happens every year!

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