Not on MY Wall… Well, Okay

As homeowners, we are usually very particular about how we decorate our homes. They are, after all, our nests and therefore, extensions of ourselves. We fuss over decorating styles, furniture and paint colors. We pour over magazines and surf the web to try to find a ‘look’ we want to achieve. There’s modern, mid-century, country, urban, etc. And, for those who follow such things, the trends seem to change every three months!

Along with decorating come decisions about what to put on our walls. Some people like to display related items to create a vignette, while others opt for the bare look. In our home, we have pretty vacant walls, save for some Russian prints, watercolors and photos. So when my husband brought home a Ductless Heat Pump, and showed me the indoor head that would be mounted on the wall, I was a little anxious!

You see, we wanted to install a ductless heat pump in our home before we made the decision to become Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling. In other words, if I was happy with this ‘new’ style of heating and cooling, then our company, Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling, could be born. But, I was not excited about that ‘thing-that-would-go-on-my-wall’!

In a giant leap of faith in my husband’s assurance that I would really love it, and a guarantee that it would be removed and the 3-inch hole for the line set would be patched if I did not, I said ‘okay’. Four years later, I don’t even notice the indoor unit…it is quiet, unobtrusive, and I appreciate its subtle design features. I admire the way the flaps quietly adjust up or down, how I can change from ‘heat’ to ‘cool’ with a click of a remote, and how It hums along without notice, heating AND cooling comfortably.

Presently, we have five Ductless systems…One in our home and four in our rentals. Our tenants love them because they provide year ’round comfort and are easy to operate. The only maintenance required is a quick clean of the filters, preferably once a month. We love them because they’re so easy to retro-fit to a rental unit. Each one is a wall-mounted unit, but there are options for ceiling- and floor-mounted units.

Do we have knickknacks displayed on our walls? No. Do we have a giant, plastic flat screen television on our wall? Nope! But we do have a lovely little thing called a ‘Ductless Heat Pump indoor head’. It’s above eye level and It performs beautifully…Can’t ask for better than that! 

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