What To Look For In A Ductless Heating Installer In Olympia, WA

Olympia, and the Pacific Northwest, in general, gets the full brunt of the seasons. It can be hot during the summer, but when winter arrives, it gets cold enough that you’ll want a reliable and efficient heating system in your home to keep things comfortable during the long winter nights.

If you’re thinking of going with a ductless heating system, that’s a great choice! However, there’s one crucial step you need to take seriously, and that’s picking the right installer to do the job for you. Here’s what you should keep an eye out for when making this selection.

Get A Certified Expert

HVAC systems are quite technical and complex. They require a lot of knowledge in order to be successfully installed. When you look at potential candidates for your home, look to see whether or not they are certified master installers. This means they have passed the required criteria for being competent in these systems and have been officially recognized for it.

Other keywords to keep an eye out for include:

– “Local” – Knowing they know the area and the environmental factors that can impact installation is essential

– “Guarantee” – This shows a business stands behind their products and services. For example, Alpine Ductless offers a a 3-year Gold Service Guarantee for all repairs and labor in the rare event that an issue arises with your system.

– “EPA certified” and “licensed electricians”

– “Licensed, bonded, and insured”

Find Experienced Teams

If you want to ensure that your job goes smoothly, with no surprises, and efficient work that’s done quickly and professionally, get a team with a lot of experience. Someone that’s been working for many years, under a variety of different home conditions has had a lot of valuable skills both in customer satisfaction and, more importantly, in dealing with different homes and the unique challenges each residence brings.

Read Reviews

Beyond having a lot of experience and knowing what to do, another important aspect of the heating installer you finally hire should be a good experience for you in your home. The only way you’ll know what you may be getting into is if you carefully do research. The Internet is the perfect resource for this.

Today, no business operates in a vacuum. Plenty of websites, forums, and other online resources exist for people to read up on various companies and see how they “rate.” This may be in the form of professional reviews from industry experts, or it may be from public reviews by customers just like you, describing their own experience with a company. A high number of good reviews are a great place to start. But if you see very few reviews or many poor ones, exercise caution.

Get It In Writing

No experienced, legitimate HVAC expert is going to have an issue with this because it protects both you and the company. When getting estimates on the work that will be done, the model of HVAC unit to be installed, the parts required, and the labor, make sure that everything is itemized and written down.

This means that in the event of an error, dispute or even just if you want a record of the work, you will have everything in you need in a preserved, verifiable form. Remember, verbal agreements have no solid footing in a legal dispute!

For more information on the benefits of working with a qualified, reputable ductless heating installer, contact Alpine Ductless today.

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Helping Homeowners in Our Community

Helping Homeowners in Our Community

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