Troubleshooting hints if your Ductless System isn’t working quite right

We are here to support you through the life of your system. But we also want to empower you to be able to troubleshoot and avoid a service call if the problem is easily remedied. 

Here’s six ways you may be able to get your Ductless System back running smoothly. If nothing works, please give us a call at 360-529-7567 and we’ll be happy to schedule a maintenance call.

1.     Filters 

  • Check that the filters are clean. Air flow and refrigerant will be reduced if the filters are dirty.

2.    Hand Held Remotes

  • Make sure the remote is set properly. Even if it reads correctly, adjust the temperature up and back down to where it was. This will reset the remote.
  • Remember that handheld wireless remotes must be pointed at the head and the head should blink and/or beep when you make an adjustment. This insures the head received the signal.   
  • Be sure the batteries in the remote are good and installed correctly.

3.     Wall Mount Controllers  

  • Adjust wall mount controllers and hand-held remotes in the same way. The only difference is you won’t see or hear the indoor unit receive the command. Be sure the batteries in the remote are good.

4.   Hard Reboot

  • Just like your computer, the indoor and outdoor units can get their signals crossed. After turning the system off using the remotes, turn off all power to the system by turning off the breaker to the heat pump.  
  • Important: Leave the system off for 5 minutes so the mother boards in the indoor and outdoor units can drain all the electricity.  
  • When power is restored, the Heat pump will restart in default mode. Be sure to turn the remote or thermostat on to your desired setting.  
  • It can take up to 10 minutes for the system to restart.

5.      Multi-Zone Reboot

  • If your system has two or more indoor units, turn on just one after a hard reboot. Once that unit starts producing heat or cooling, leave it on and turn on the next one, wait for it to produce heat or cooling before turning on the third. Repeat until all indoor units are working.

6.     Blinking Lights  

  • If the lights on the indoor unit blink repeatedly, watch for a 2 second pause and count the number of blinks between pauses. This is an error code. Call us and tell us the code so we can get it corrected.


If these common troubleshooting solutions did not restore your Ductless System, please give us a call at 360-529-7567 and schedule a maintenance call with Alpine Ductless.

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