Heating for Hosting the Holidays

It’s that time of year again when the temperature starts to cool down. But the holiday season also means having a lot more visitors over. Maybe you’re going to be having the Thanksgiving meal at your home, or perhaps you’ll be the site of the Christmas or New Year celebrations. Whatever the occasion, you’re going to be expecting a lot of visitors over the next few months.

With the increased traffic, you’ll need to pay attention to your heating system and settings to keep your company comfortable over the holiday season. And if you’ve already switched over to a ductless heating system, you’re ahead of the game!

Take a Look at Your Normal Settings & Make Adjustments

Of course, when it comes to the temperature in your home, your first priority is typically your own comfort, since you live there all of the time.  Consult your household members and find a temperature that everyone can agree on.

We recommend 72°F, to stay comfortable and please most people. But if you’re looking for energy efficiency, you can go lower, especially during sleeping hours or times when the house is vacant. The best case scenario is 68°F, but try lowering the temperature by one degree at a time, and see where your comfort level is before committing to the lowest recommended setting.

Your ductless heating system can keep things pretty warm for you in the winter, so if you have guests who are very chilly, you can crank the heat right up. Be aware though that the more you push the system to generate heat and keep it coming, this will be reflected on your energy bill (although with the increased energy efficiency of a ductless system, the bill won’t climb nearly as high as with traditional systems)..

Another factor you should consider is adding a humidifier to your home. As the air dries out during the winter, people tend to feel colder. Since humidity holds heat, using a humidifier could enable you to set lower temperatures, yet you will still feel warm.

The Number of People in a House Makes a Difference

When you have guests coming over, especially if it’s going to be a party, you can turn down your ductless heating system lower than usual, and maybe even to 66°F or less, and still feel comfortable!

The reason for this, of course, is that more people equal more warm bodies generating heat! Mutual body heat raises the temperature faster in the home. So if you’re throwing a big “to-do” with a lot of guests on a particular day or evening, plan to lower the temperature as more guests start to arrive. There won’t be a guest who’s too hot or too cold; everyone will be comfortable and in the mood to celebrate the season.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re interested in getting more efficiency out of your heating during the winter, come to Alpine Ductless! Ductless heating systems are a great way to enjoy comfort during the winter because you get efficiency, convenience, and more control in your home. We’d be happy to show how you and your guests can get more comfort after you make the switch!

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