Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?

Recently, when we were in the thick of some freezing temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest, we heard from a new customer who said that although his house felt comfortable, his new Ductless Heat Pump seemed to be blowing “cold” air.

This is something that can happen when you are new to Ductless Systems. You might feel comfortable in your space, yet when you reach up and feel the air blowing from your indoor unit, it might actually feel cold because a DHP (Ductless Heat Pump) puts out cooler air than a gas or oil furnace that many of us are used to.

Furnaces tend to put out air at about 130 to 140 degrees (Fahrenheit), while a Ductless Heat Pump emits air at about 85-92 degrees. Being less than body temperature, this can easily feel like “cold” air even though it is still warmer than the house. In addition, unlike a furnace that blows a lot of hot air for short blasts, a Ductless Heat Pump puts out heat (at a lower temperature) for longer periods of time.

Even though the air may seem cold at first, it is still working properly to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. So if you are a new Ductless Heat Pump owner, try measuring the air temperature. If your home is maintaining a comfortable home temperature, your system is working properly.

But what if the Ductless System really is blowing cold air and not putting out any heat at all?

First, check to make sure it is set in the heat mode and the thermostat is set at the temperature you desire.

Next, look outside and see if the outdoor unit happens to be defrosting. If you think this may be the case, leave it be and let it do its thing. A cloud of water vapor may be seen rising over the outdoor unit and a “whoosh” sound can be heard as the refrigerant reverses direction. The entire defrost process usually takes up to 10 minutes, depending on conditions.

If neither of these things seems to apply, give us a call and we will be happy to check it out.

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