Filters 101: Spring Cleaning

This is an old post, but a good one, and we’ve updated our video to better explain the best way to clean filters in your Ductless Heat Pump. Happy Spring Cleaning!

A Ductless Heat Pump System can be so quiet and comfortable, that after the initial purchase and install, it can be easy to forget you even have one!

Once you determine how you want your system set, your DHP will consistently keep the temperature of your space exactly how you like it. Ductless Heat Pumps are really one of those “set it and forget it” type of systems. This is a real bonus, because really, who needs one more thing to think about daily?

However, this ease of operation might be why some may forget that a monthly filter clean is a necessity. In order to keep your system operating most efficiently and to keep you comfortable in your home, the filters must be kept clean and free of any buildup. It does not happen a lot, but we do occasionally get calls from people whose systems are not operating properly. The story is often the same, they loved the system at first and it was heating and cooling perfectly, but over time it has begun to not work as well. They complain of being too cold or too hot, even though the system is set at their preferred temperature. Some even call and want information on purchasing another head to add to the system, thinking that they have to now invest more money to be comfortable!

Fortunately there is a really simple solution and it does not cost a cent! When filters become clogged with dust and other debris, air flow is affected. The system will start to work harder and harder to move air into the room and eventually will not be able to maintain a comfortable temperature simply because the filter has been working so well to keep your air nice and clean!Cleaning is super simple and takes just a few minutes. Many of our customers tell us they just make a mental note to check and clean filters on the first day of each month. Setting a reminder in your calendar is a great idea too. Just pick a system and stick to it, whatever works for you. Remembering to take care of this simple task will preserve the life of your system and keep you happy and comfortable in your space. For more details on cleaning your filters, check out this awesome video!

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