Fall Is In The Air!

The nights are turning cool in the Pacific Northwest and the leaves are turning lovely shades of orange, yellow and red. Temperatures are starting to trend downward and some of us are firing up the old heaters for the season. Hello Fall!!

Maybe you were one of those who “grinned and beared” it through the summer heat wave, using either just open windows, fans, or window AC units to stay cool, and now that the days are getting cooler, you think you are home free. But wait just a minute! Do you really know how efficiently your current heating system is operating? Have you checked your utility usage and are you really ready for those big winter heating bills to start rolling in? How about those cold spots in the house? Or those days and nights of wearing a coat or a blanket in the house just to stay comfortable?

Whether you are using an electric furnace, baseboard, or cadet, or even wood, propane, pellet or oil, you are probably paying way more than you have to in order to heat your home comfortably. If you want to save money on your heating bills, be comfortable all year (including summer as of course you know all our systems come with A/C too), and breathe easier with clean, filtered air at the source, fall is a great time to consider replacing your old system with a Ductless Heat Pump.

Ductless Heat Pumps are more efficient than most any other HVAC system out there including gas. They keep your home comfortable all year round, and local utilities offer great rebate incentives. Come summer they supply wonderful cool air at a fraction of the cost of using inefficient window units. They even dehumidify!! DHPs work great as primary systems, supplemental systems or zonal systems.

If you are even considering a Ductless System for you home or business, contact ustoday to schedule a free, in-home, no obligation estimate to see what you have been missing and learn how you can have a more comfortable and affordable winter in your home this year.

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